Car Hire Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria can be considered as a crossing point for people from all over the world. It is the last European port and offers a cultural mix, as half the world has left their mark in this island. Its small villages with their narrow streets, in the middle of nowhere, its manor houses and its harbors where steamships moored, are some of the best examples to discover the remnant of different tribes and people from everywhere in the globe.

Renting a car in Gran Canaria is necessary for travelers who wish to go fast and comfortably and see all the attractions of the island such as its impressive beaches, the grandeur of its protected natural area, the opportunity to observe the nature... all these activities are possible thanks to the four main routes through the island: north, south, east and west. Have you ever seen a sunset in Puerto de Mogan; walk through the dunes of Maspalomas; admire the red land of Firgas; the Caldera de Tejeda or the ravine Guayadeque? Now, this is possible thanks to Pepecar and the countless reasons to travel Gran Canaria and book a rental car.

If you want to explore each and every part of the island, makes it easier for you with our fleet of rental cars available in Gran Canaria.  You can travel everywhere and anywhere discovering the huge Neo-Gothic church in the middle of a sea of banana trees, the remains of a pre-Hispanic city, and even a mariner from Genoa just around the corner.

Once you book the rental car and choose the best price for your destination, you can start to learn more about the island. If you begin in Gran Canaria, go to the south of the island, specifically to Maspalomas, which is very easy to reach without traffic, as it takes less than 40 minutes. Take the GC-1 and in about 57 kilometers you will be there.

In Maspalomas, apart from the huge desert dunes, it is worth checking out the old lighthouse, built in 1890, which served as a guide for ships covering routes between Europe and America. It was built at the beginning of Playa del Ingles.

The old neighborhood of Vegueta has witnessed over 500 years of the first communities founded in Gran Canaria in around 1478. There, you will find the traditional architecture of the island and the most authentic streets. It is located within the capital, Las Palmas. If you are in the city traveling with the rental car, you will see that it is merely urban. In case you want to access the capital for some of its main arteries, take the GC-1 GC -2 and GC -3 to reach the GC -5 and GC- 31 ring roads leading to the neighborhood of Vegueta.

To go to Agaete, to Puerto de las Nieves, go to the west of the island by the GC -2 from Las Palmas of Gran Canaria. It is the perfect place of the island to be in peace and quietness: only you and the environment. It is a wonderful and amazing place to taste the fishing gastronomy of island.

In the southeast of the island lies the old town of Agüimes. It is a quick visit because in an hour you have traveled from one part of the city to the furthest one. There, Pepecar also recommends stopping in that place and driving a route through the inner part of the island. Take the GC -65 close to Vecindario. On the road, you can visit Roque Nublo. Stop there if you want to be amazed by the wonder of the sights from that area.

In Pepecar you can always choose the best price to book your vehicle. What are you waiting for to book your car rental in Gran Canaria? Thanks to the search engine of rental car we offer, you can enjoy the best places of Gran Canaria at your own pace.


  • Agaete
  • Agüimes
  • La Aldea de San Nicolás
  • Artenara
  • Arucas
  • Firgas
  • Gáldar
  • Ingenio
  • Mogán
  • Moya
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • San Bartolomé de Tirajana
  • Santa Brígida
  • Santa Lucía de Tirajana
  • Santa María de Guía de Gran Canaria
  • Tejeda
  • Telde
  • Teror
  • Valleseco
  • Valsequillo de Gran Canaria
  • Vega de San Mateo


If you travel in your rental car from Gran Canaria, these are some of the roads you will use to visit the different municipalities of the island.

  • GC-1, Hoya La Plata – Mogán
  • GC-2, Las Palmas G.C.- Agaete
  • GC-3, Circunvalación de Las Palmas de G.C.
  • GC-4, Acceso al Centro
  • GC-23, Plaza de América – Nueva Paterna
  • GC-31, Circunvalación – Lady Harimaguada
  • FV-2, Puerto del Rosario – Morro Jable
  • GC-1, AM Hoya de La Plata – Plaza Belén María
  • GC-10, La Garita – Telde
  • GC-110, Teatro – GC-4


Are you looking for a wonderful and relaxing time in Gran Canaria? Here you are some of the beaches and coves shaping the coast of the island. For your information, you can only access some of them by car. So, book your rental car with Pepecar and enjoy the island.

  • Agua Dulce, en Telde
  • Alcavaneras, en Las Palmas
  • Amadores, en Mogán
  • Ambar, en Mogán
  • Aquamarina, en Mogán
  • Arguineguín, en Mogán
  • Arinaga, en Agüimes
  • Arrastradero, en Gáldar
  • Balito, en Mogán
  • Balos, en Agüimes
  • Boca Barranco, en Gáldar
  • Boca Barranco, en Las Palmas
  • Caletón de los Cangrejos, en Gáldar
  • Caleta de Abajo, en Gáldar
  • Chica, en Telde
  • Costa Alegre, en Mogán
  • Dos Roques, en Gáldar
  • El Agujero, en Gáldar
  • El Barranquillo, en Telde
  • El Cabrón, en Agüimes
  • El Confital, en Las Palmas
  • El Cura, en Mogán
  • El Hombre, en Telde
  • El Muelle, en Gáldar
  • El Roquete, en Gáldar
  • Furnia, en Gáldar
  • Jinámar, en Las Palmas
  • Juncal, en Gáldar
  • La Caleta de Arriba, en Gáldar
  • La Carrera, en Mogán
  • La Cicer, en Las Palmas
  • La Garita, en Telde
  • La Guancha, en Gáldar
  • La Redonda, en Gáldar
  • La Verga, en Mogán
  • Lagarto, en Gáldar
  • Las Canteras, en Las Palmas
  • Los Frailes, en Mogán
  • Los Muellitos, en Las Palmas
  • Los Secos, en Mogán
  • Marañuela, en Mogán
  • Martorell, en Gáldar
  • Medio Almud, en Mogán
  • Melenara, en Telde
  • Mogan, en Mogán
  • Ojos de Garza, en Telde
  • Paso del Salgo, en Gáldar
  • Patalavaca, en Mogán
  • Perchel, en Mogán
  • Pozuelo, en Telde
  • Puerto Rico, en Mogán
  • Punta del Clavo, en Gáldar
  • Punta del Faro, en Gáldar
  • Punta Galdar, en Gáldar
  • Risco Partido, en Gádar
  • Salinetas, en Telde
  • San Borondón, en Telde
  • San Cristóbal, en Las Palmas
  • Sardina, en Gáldar
  • Taurito, en Mogán
  • Tauro, en Mogán
  • Tiritaña, en Mogán
  • Tufia, en Telde
  • Vargas, en Agüimes
  • Veneguera, en Mogán


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