Car hire in El Hierro

Despite being the smallest of the Canary Islands, El Hierro is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful places to visit, due to its wide variety and diversity of landscapes. Travelers visiting El Hierro will explore volcanic cones, lava flows, pine woodlands with green meadows, beautiful subtropical laurisilva woodlands, cliffs of about 1,000 meters high submerging into limpid waters, one of the most incredible sea beds in the archipelago, and the Recovery Centre of Giant Lizards, an autochthonous protected species.

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Your route might start off in the village of Isora, thanks to your rental car. You will reach it driving along the coastal road HI-2 and TF-911from the airport. It takes around 28 minutes to cover the 20 kilometers between these points. The Biosphere Reserve Interpretation Centre located in Isora is a key place to help you discover the main features of the island, and that is why this is the best place to start our itinerary.

Once you have finished the visit to the Centre, continue to travel to some other places of interest in the island, such as El Julan Cultural Park, the volcanic Cueva de Guinea, the Geological Interpretation Centre, el Golfo (The Gulf), la Frontera (The Border), Valverde, San Andrés, el Mirador de las Playas (The Beaches’ Viewpoint).

El Mirador de las Playas is found 1,000 metres over sea level. This geographical feature is made of a bite-shaped gravitational landfall that shows the continuous transformation of the island. Departing from Isora, you can go to Taibique driving along the HI-401, and enjoy some of the best and most impressive views on the island.

Continue your tour towards Taibique, driving for 5 kilometres more along the HI-4.Then, stop there to taste some of the island specialties. Its cuisine is quite simple, having cheese as its main ingredient in many recipes. Some of the dishes you should order are dulce herreño, caldo de queso (cheese soup), mojo de queso (mojo with cheese), gofio (roasted corn meal) and potajes (vegetable stew).

The village of San Andrés is located approximately in the centre of el Hierro. As it is situated on a plateau, the climate is different from that of the rest of the island. Its rural atmosphere is perfect for those looking for some rest. Cheese was previously mentioned as a key ingredient. That is because cattle rising are the main activity among the population. We’ll get there in just 14 minutes and less than 10 kilometers, driving along HI-4.

It is impossible not to be amazed by the waters in El Hierro. And you are not the only one, for the best diving place of the Canary Islands can be found here. Both La Restringa and el Mar de Las Calmas (Sea of the Calm) will take you closer to spectacular sea beds. To access the Mar de las Calmas, follow the Hi-1, then, the HI-40 and, finally, the H-400. Now, take your equipment and enjoy!

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Here you are a list of the best beaches on the island. If you have the chance to visit El Hierro, take your rental car from Pepecar and explore the beaches from the list below.

  • Arenas Blancas
  • Charco Azul
  • Charco de los Sargos
  • Charco Manso
  • El Tamaduste
  • El Verodal
  • La Caleta
  • La Maceta
  • La Restinga
  • Las Playas
  • Muellito de Orchilla
  • Pozo de las Calcosas
  • Puerto de la Estaca
  • Puerto Naos
  • Punta Grande
  • Tacorón
  • Timijiraque


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