Who are we?

Pepecar ¡hola!


Hello! We are Pepecar (or Pepe), your car rental comparator among different companies around the world.  

We were born in 2003 with a single goal in mind: to revolutionize car rental services in Spain. In 2009 we joined the family of the Salvador Caetano Group and, since then, we have evolved into your mobility company.  

Our main objective is to make your life easier, so that you can find the mobility solution you need quickly and easily. We love people who move, live adventures, discover new places… That’s why we want to move you. 🚗


Pepecar quiénes somos

Here is the translation of the text from Spanish to English: We know how important mobility is. Throughout our history, Pepe has grown hand in hand with the Salvador Caetano Group to offer you much more than our comparator. These are our services:

Pepecar Rent a Car

Pepecar Alquiler de coches

Pepecar is an adventure with a partner, family or friends. It’s an impromptu road trip or a different weekend. It’s the essence of Pepe. Our car rental comparator among different companies. 

At Pepecar we want to move you, here and anywhere in the world. That’s why we have rental car offers on all five continents. Move where and when you need to..

Pepecar Commercial Vans

Pepecar Furgonetas comerciales

Everyday life is full of unforeseen events and surprises. A move. An emergency with your company’s fleet. A new piece of furniture for the living room. We don’t know what might lead you to need a vehicle for transporting goods, but we do have the solution: a commercial van.

In our commercial van comparator in Spain, you can find different options throughout the national territory.


Grupo Salvador Caetano Logo

The history of Pepecar in the Salvador Caetano Group began in 2009 and was completed in 2012. A few years later, in 2023, we were integrated into the structure of Caetano Retail España, another member of the Caetano family.Retail España, otro miembro de la familia de Caetano.

The reason? To continue growing to offer you more and better mobility options.


Pepe is also Salvador Caetano, our group. With more than 75 years of history, presence on 3 continents and more than 100 companies, like Pepe, Caetano has a mission: to move you.  

Salvador Caetano founded the first company of the group in 1946 in Portugal: Martins & Caetano & Irmão, Lda. This bus body factory was the first of many others. In 1968, with the signing of the exclusive import and distribution of the Toyota brand in Portugal, we at Caetano took a leap forward. From that moment on, we have sought to develop new business models that allow you to move more and better. 

Caetano Mobility

Caetano Mobility

Here is the translation of the text from Spanish to English: Our car subscription or monthly car rental company (1 to 6 months). Because life takes many turns and you need flexibility. With our subscription service, all you need is an ID, choose the new car you prefer (less than 1 year old) and enjoy your vehicle with comprehensive insurance and premium customer service.

Caetano GO

Caetano GO

Here is the translation of the text from Spanish to English: Our loyalty club with exclusive offers and benefits, and completely free! Be the first to enjoy our new releases, offers and promotions.

Caetano Retail

Caetano Retail España

It is the network of dealerships of the Salvador Caetano group in Spain, with more than 14 brands and 50 sales points in the national territory.



Here is the translation of the text from Spanish to English: Our second-hand and used car dealerships in Spain and Portugal, with the best financing conditions, after-sales services and vehicle fleet.

Pepecar ¡hola!


At Pepecar, we want to offer you what you are looking for quickly, easily and transparently. We move for many reasons: our family, a vacation, our work… No journey is the same, but for all of them you need a mobility solution. Pepe shows you the best alternatives for each of those journeys. Our goal is definitely to move you.

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