About pepecar.com


We are a Spanish car rental leading Company founded in 2003 under the auspices of Globalia.

In 2012 we changed our business model –moving from having our own fleet to functioning as a car rental search engine.  Thanks to this shift, we managed to exponentially increase our number of rental car offices.

We provide car hire services all over the world. Still, our most popular destinations continue to be the main Spanish cities and islands.

The Pepecar.com company is a website offering rental vehicles without a driver. Part of the Ibericar group, it is based in Madrid. Its search engine tool offers rental vehicles both in a national and international context. Its wide variety of destinations include cities, coasts and islands and all kind of locations –airports, railway stations and city centres. Besides, our providers offer all types of vehicles. We are certain that, whatever your needs are, you will find the perfect rental vehicle for your trip on pepecar.comalways at the best price.

Pepecar is represented by our protagonist Pepe, a lively cartoon with deep values –those of our company:


We provide unconventional solutions to common situations, allowing us to offer services that are made possible through a permanent optimization of resources, a simple and honest management and the creation of synergies that are hard to reproduce.


Pepe is Simple

The growing complexity of many offers and services means that simplicity is an added value. If something is difficult to use or understand, customers will dislike it.

Pepe is Facilitator

Pepe thinks of the majority, of making all services available with a certain degree of exclusivity, in which the customer does not pay too much or finds it confusing of difficult to contract.

Pepe is Honest

 No bargains, giveaways, or surprises. Our customers pay for what they use. Our ‘best price’ does not intend to be an easy or fast solution to temporary problems. We seek to gain people’s trust by always providing transparent explanations.

Pepe is Creative

 By changing the conventional rules on the ways of offering and enjoying a service, we achieve a greater reaction capacity and a faster adaptation to market needs and changes. Offering the same as every car rental company would be limiting and uninteresting for our customers. Try this new car-rental holiday modality!

If you are looking for a company with a vast experience in car hiring, the security that a great brand can offer you, a large fleet and a number of offices all over the world, and the best market prices, you are in the right place!