Tenerife is a privileged island from the Canary Islands. The reason for this can be found in the two World Heritage places, their National Park and 42 other protected natural spaces, among many landscapes, beaches and coves all over the island.

In case you want to visit this marvelous island and, obviously, you do not want to miss a single place, Pepecar recommends the best car rental in Tenerife.  Our search engine will allow you to book a car rental thanks to the big demand of companies we are working with. You will be able to take advantage of our best deals and best prices! And, also, we have a wide range of models of cars that will satisfy your needs.

Sun, beach, nature, volcanic landscapes and historical and cultural heritage are some of the best examples of this island. Tenerife is one of the main tourist destinations in Spain. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the island, stands out thanks to the large number of fortresses preserved from times of Pirates, such as the Castle of San Cristóbal, the Castle of San Juan Bautista, the Tower of San Andres or the Fortress of Almeyda.

Also known for its coast, Tenerife has some of the best ones in the world. The beach of Las Teresitas, the beach of Antequera or the beach of Las Gaviotas, plus the diverse natural areas of the Massif of Anaga are  even a better example why traveling to Tenerife will never be a mistake.

Renting a car in Tenerife becomes crucial for those who want to discover everything about and in the island. If you have a car during the holidays, everything is going to become much easier than simply having to wait for the public transport. And, it seems almost impossible as the public transportation will never allow you to discover each and every part of Tenerife.

Thanks to its airports, Tenerife has spread the tourism all over the island. The majority of this tourism comes from Spain, Germany, United Kingdom and France. Pepecar.com offers a wide variety of locations on the island of Tenerife to pick up your rental car. Also, you can pick up and return your rental car at any of the two Airports of Tenerife to enjoy with total freedom of movement.


Thanks to the many wonders in Tenerife, tourist will be amazed at how many activities they can do. There are many hidden corners of enormous natural and cultural richness all over the island. Fortunately for you, you have a wonderful service of rental car with Pepecar that allows you to freely discover every part of Tenerife. As the island is quite big and the beauty of its landscapes is unbelievable, driving your rental car is the key to visit and enjoy every part of this marvelous island. Let’s begin!


Apart from the many beaches and coves you find along Tenerife’s coasts, the first route we want to suggest is Teide National Park. There you will find the highest volcanic peak in Spain. The distance between the capital of the island and this park is 60 kilometers. Take the road TF-24, and in less than an hour you will have come. Do not forget to bring drinks and snacks, as the visit to the park will take you an entire day.

Do not miss the opportunity to surround yourself with this natural environment and make as many photographs in one of the most beautiful landscapes all over the world. If you think you will need a special equipment to go hiking through the island’s mountains, do not hesitate to ask in pepecar.com when booking your car hire in Tenerife.

All this natural area gives shelter to many different of fauna and flora species, as for example plants threatened with extinction. Moreover, you will be able to see unique geological areas, caused by the seismic activity of the volcano, which gives the name of the park. The volcano Teide is the third largest one on Earth. It is total wonder, and climbing to its peak is the best adventure you will experience in your holidays in Tenerife. 


For those who love city life, but in a complete and total atmosphere, we recommend to take your rental car in Tenerife, go to the center of the capital and enjoy all the beautiful and astonishing places you are about to find. An important suggestion is to pay a visit to Candelaria. It is known as the religious capital of Tenerife and for its feasts in February, commemorating and honoring the Virgin. Taking the TF-1 from Santa Cruz de Tenerife you will be in that place in less than 15 minutes. Their houses, churches and people are the reasons why this resort is a good choice for a trip day. Moreover, the surroundings in the countryside are an invitation to lovers of hiking adventures. 

If we continue by the TF -1 road from Candelaria, a few kilometers in the southwest of the island, we find the town of Adeje. Surrounded by hotels, this area is very popular for those visiting Tenerife. So we will find a large place of enjoyment with hundreds of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and many more. If you are looking for a good place to have dinner with friends, enjoy the amazing Canary gastronomy and, if you prefer good music, go to the many nightclubs in Costa Adeje. 

Without any doubt, there are countless cultural and leisure activities we recommend you. Enjoy them all to the fullest, thanks to the wide range of car hire in Tenerife Pepecar offers you.  

Other municipalities of Tenerife are:

  • Buenavista del Norte
  • Güímar
  • La Orotava
  • Puerto de la Cruz
  • Los Realejos
  • El Rosario
  • San Cristóbal de La Laguna
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Tegueste


The best option to visit Tenerife is to book a rental car with Pepecar, and drive in through its roads to discover the many places worth a visit.

  • TF-1, Santa Cruz Tenerife – TF-82
  • TF-2, TF-5 – TF-1
  • TF-4
  • TF-5
  • TF-11
  • LP-2, Circunvalación Sur
  • LP-1, Circunvalación Norte
  • LP-2, Circunvalación Sur
  • LP-3, La Cumbre
  • TF-13


Thanks to your rental car in Pepecar.com, you will be able to move to any of the listed beaches below from Tenerife and enjoy the sun, the ocean and the sand.

  • Ajabo, en Adeje
  • Arenas Blancas, en Frontera
  • Candelaria, en Candelaria
  • Castro, en Los Realejos
  • Charco Azul, en Frontera
  • Charco Azul, en Frontera
  • Charco de los Sargos, en Frontera
  • Cho Vito, en Candelaria
  • Diego Hernández, en Adeje
  • El Beril, en Adeje
  • El Bobo, en Adeje
  • El Camello, en Tacoronte
  • El Duque, en Adeje
  • El Muelle, en Puerto de la Cruz
  • El Pinque, en Adeje
  • El Pozo, en Candelaria
  • El Pris, en Tacoronte
  • El Puertito, en Adeje
  • El Rincón, en Tacoronte
  • El Roque, en Los Realejos
  • El Sargo, en Tacoronte
  • El Socorro, en Los Realejos
  • El Varadero, en Adeje
  • El Verodal, en Frontera
  • Fañabe, en Adeje
  • La Arena, en Tacoronte
  • La Caleta, en Adeje
  • La Enramada, en Adeje
  • La Hornilla, en Candelaria
  • La Maceta, en Frontera
  • La Pinta, en Adeje
  • La Viuda, en Candelaria
  • Las Américas, en Adeje
  • Las Caletillas, en Candelaria
  • Las Galgas, en Adeje
  • Las Salinas, en Adeje
  • Los Morteros, en Adeje
  • Martianez, en Puerto de la Cruz
  • Olegario, en Candelaria
  • Playa Chica, en Puerto de la Cruz
  • Playa Gordejuela, en Los Realejos
  • Playa Jardín, en Puerto de la Cruz
  • Playa La Grimona, en Los Realejos
  • Playa Punta Brava, en Puerto de la Cruz
  • Playa de Punta Larga, en Candelaria
  • Playa del Alcalde, en Candelaria
  • Punta Grande, en Frontera
  • Punta Larga, en Candelaria
  • San Telmo, en Puerto de la Cruz
  • Torviscas, en Adeje


Tourist Information Office at North Tenerife Airport. North Tenerife Airport (Arrival Terminal). 38297 Los Rodeos
Tourist Information Office at Center for Tourist Initiatives. Anaga Avenue, n/n. 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tourist Information Office at South Tenerife Airport. South Tenerife Airport. 38003 Granadilla de Abona
Tourist Information Office at Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Castillo Street, n/n. 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tourist Information Office at Tegueste. San Marcos Square, 20. 38280 Tegueste


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