Canary Islands

There are few places in Spain with natural beauty as wild and exotic as the Canary Islands. Its volcanic condition , gives the islands a special charm, and supposed to be very comfortable to explore by car. This is why car hire in the Canary Islands is a service in high demand by visitors, both domestic and foreign.

The Canary Islands are part of the natural Macaronesia region , like the Azores , Cabo Verde and Madeira. Subtropical climate , the Canaries have an important biological diversity and geological landscape that make the existence of four national parks.

Rent a car in Canary help us go from one end to each of its seven islands. Many of them are considered a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, and others have been declared World Heritage areas. Precisely your natural attraction , together with its good climate and its spectacular beaches , makes the Canary Islands a tourist destination of first level in our country.

The seven Canary Islands: