Van Hire

If you’re looking for a cheap hire van because you’re moving into a new house, want to move some boxes, or just because you’re a freelance worker and are transferring your stock, pepecar.com has the best deals for you. Choose among our wide range of industrial vehicles of different capacities in several Spanish towns and get the van that best matches your needs.

And remember that hiring a van on pepecar.com is easy, fast, safe, and dirt cheap –with no registration required.

It’s time to save, and a move or haulage can cost a bundle. Van rental on pepecar.com is an easy, low cost and very efficient way of performing this kind of tasks. Neither the size nor the price will be a problem, as our providers have a wide selection of vans, thought for all kinds of needs.

We put at our customers’ disposal an intuitive search engine that –providing little data– will find the van that best meets your requirements, no matter the size or utility.

We’re experts in providing solutions for van transportation at affordable prices with the best models on the market –mixing both safety and efficiency. Besides, we adapt to the driver’s needs either if you want to hire a van for just a few hours, or if you need it for several days or even longer periods of time.

With pepecar.com’s rental service, forget about all that tiring paperwork –requirements adjust to today’s market. Hiring a van in any part of the country has never been easier.

Businessmen, traders and drivers can now have their rental van in just a few minutes –same as any user who requires it for a move of carriage in or outside their town of residence. Our secret lies in our search engine and the coordinated service among our large network of offices –that will provide your rental van in Spain.

It’s key for us to have top quality industrial vehicles –in any size and with all kind and number of doors, to lift and lower loads. Boxes adjust to all needs –from small 3 or 4 cubic metres of capacity to large scale vans of 20 cubic metres of capacity– all at a great price!

Our aim is to adapt to our customers’ needs. We’re fully aware that many of you don’t need to hire a van for a whole week –or sometimes, not even for a day. In many cases, an industrial vehicle is needed only for a timely moment instead of for an entire day.

Did you know that now you can rent your van per hours with Pepecar? It’s easy as pie –just select the pick-up and return time in our search engine. It really is that simple. Save money and don’t pay more than necessary when hiring your van.