The fantastic climate of Malaga makes it an extraordinary destination for travelers who are looking for a place of entertainment, sun, and the Mediterranean Sea. Simply, Malaga is a dream come true for those who want to have both quality and rest on their holidays. Notably of this is the fact that many artists from all over the globe came to this beautiful place to find their inspiration. Also, art lovers will surely enjoy the area, as you can visit Picasso’s birthplace, next to the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Museum.

The capital of the Costa del Sol is also a touristic strategic point from where travelers, families and passionate of cultures and civilizations will find one of the most important routes in the southern area of Spain. You will be able to visit magic places such as impressive beaches, known all over the world for their quality, inland villages full of stories to be discovered, and wonderful landscapes that will capture your heart forever. For those of you who prefer the city and luxurious places, Puerto Banus, in Marbella, is the best option.

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Malaga was founded in 8th Century B.C. by the Phoenicians. Also, Malaga became of the confederate cities of the Roman Empire, and, most importantly, the decisive moment in history of the place was when the Arabs conquered the area, transforming the city and surroundings into a really prosperous place from Al-Andalus. A proof of this can be seen in the many neighborhoods and buildings with Arabic motives and structures.

Nonetheless, Malaga is not only a place of beaches, buildings and culture. One of the most prominent aspects of the city is their gastronomy. Tourists can tell you what involves discovering the exquisite types of food, mostly influenced by Romans, Phoenicians and Arabs. Their cold garlic and almond soup, gazpacho or almond soups are some of the best examples of the most delicious ambrosia. It is also important to bear in mind that you cannot miss the seafood: noodles with cod, papanduas (cod cooked with leavening, parsley and saffron), dogfish, or mussels in pipirrana (vegetable salad) are the delights that every person should try and taste in Malaga.

Once we have our rental car, we will be ready to discover all the secrets of the Costa del Sol, from Nerja to Estepona, from Torremolinos to Marbella, from Antequera to Ronda, from Competa to Comares, etc. It is ‘compulsory’ to visit most of the aforementioned places to enjoy the typical food of Malaga. It is not only because you will eat very tasty food, but you will discover real treasures from Spain. Are you ready to start this new journey with your rental vehicle? Keep calm and visit Malaga!


To help you find really beautiful places, we want to give some advices of the following steps you can follow to fully enjoy the capital of the Costa del Sol. Imagine that you are in Malaga – Costa del Sol Airport, and you are wondering where to go and what to do. It is really simple. First of all, we encourage you to book a rental car at the airport. That way, once you arrive there, you can pick the hire car up and start the new journey. Second of all, go straight to the MA-21 or to the Velazquez Avenue to, then, turn right to take the MA-22. There you will find the Parador of Malaga, one of the best restaurants where you can enjoy the gastronomy of Malaga. Third of all, take your rental car and visit the rest of the city. We can assure you the visit is worth it.

If you want to see something different, take your hire car and go to the La Rosaleda Avenue. From this point in the road you can visit the inland of the province of Malaga. The journey will take 37 minutes approximately. Once you arrive at Antequera, do not forget to go all over the city and pay close attention to their most important monuments known as the Arco de los Gigantes (Giants Arch) the Puerta de Malaga (Door of Malaga) and the square of Coso Viejo.

From Antequera you can visit Ronda taking the A-384. The distance between both cities is up to 90 kilometers. But, again, the visit is really worth it, as you will find yourself in one of the most beautiful places in the inland area of Malaga. Please, go and visit the Puente Nuevo and Puente Viejo (New and Old Bridges), as they are real architectonical monuments.

Finally, you can finish this route in the coast of Malaga, in the same city of Estepona, thanks to your rental car. This place is the most famous in terms of seafood all over Malaga. To access this place you will have to take the A-397. In only one hour you will be surrounded by 21 kilometers of coast and almost 20 beaches.

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