Car hire Naples

Naples is not only a touristic point of first order and worldwide recognition. One of the most astonishing aspects about this city is the accumulation of testimonies, heritage of an exceptional history, a metropolitan melting pot peeking out the astounding Mediterranean Sea, capable of dissipating any doubt that may emerge about the splendor of this incredible city. Naples is a magnificent city, current capital of the region of Campania, which has, throughout the city, infinite remains of its past, when Naples was one of the most important cities from Magna Graecia. As for its extension, the city is considered to be the third biggest one in Italy, being Rome and Milan in the first two positions.

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The Neapolitan people seem to have assumed, as no one else all over Europe, its survival instinct and the capacity to overcome the adversities coming from foreign domain. Along its history, Naples has been able to overcome everything that came to destroy the city and has preserved its cultural, historic and artistic heritage as no other country in the world. If you want to be one of the thousands of millions witnesses of its history and culture, one of the main reasons to visits this wonderful city is because of its historic center, declared Human Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995, which has monuments and buildings of about 2,500 years old.

However, Naples is more than its historic center, as it has countless remains of many of the buildings that have been built along its history, as the Saint Lawrence Basilica. Other of the main touristic pints is the Naples Cathedral, restored several times due to strong earthquakes which damaged some of its structures; or its Spanish-like Neighborhoods, from the 16th century, considered as one of the busiest area, plenty of colors and full of traditions and folklore. Of course, you cannot leave Naples without visiting the Spaccanapoli, known as ‘Naples splitter’, which is one of the most important and touristic streets from the historic center of the city.

By the way, if you are going to spend a few days in this fabulous city, don’t miss, for anything in the world, places of such beauty as:

  • Mount Vesuvius
  • Saint Charles Theater
  • Castel dell’Ovo
  • Sansevero Chapel
  • National Archaeological Museum of Naples
  • Saint Gennaro Catacombs
  • Castel Sant’Elmo

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To get to Naples, people usually go from the nearby airports to the city. In Pepecar, we would like to recommend you to reserve a rental car in Naples Airport, as the distance between this place and Naples is about 5 kilometers. And, the trip won’t take you more than 20 minutes. Remember! You can pick up your rental car at the airport you land in. Another option could be landing in Ciampino Airport.

  • From Naples Airport: as aforementioned, the distance between the airport and Naples is not so long. But, truth be told, the traffic usually slow down cars. To get to the center of the city, these are the three main options:
    • Go through the Viale Fulco Ruffo di Calabria, which includes tolls, as it is the fastest way to get there. The trip won’t take you more than 15 minutes.
    • Take the Via Nuova del Campo, which is a little bit slower than the first option, but there are no tolls. The trip will take you up to 21 minutes.
    • Or take the road Calata Capodochino, which will take you about 23 minutes.
  • From Ciampino Airport: the distance you will have to go through is about 215 kilometers. The fastest way to get to Naples is by car. So, our recommendation is to rent a car in the airport. Once you pick it up, take the road A1/E45 in direction to the south and in less than 2 hours and 10 minutes you will have gotten to your destination.