Car hire Madeira

The island of Madeira has an excellent climate thanks to its privileged geographical localization in the Gulf Stream. This localization allows the island to have very warm summers and truly mild winters. Undoubtedly, these characteristics make Madeira the perfect holiday’s destination at any season of the year.

The capital and only city of the island is Funchal, where the majority of Madeira’s museums and historical buildings are located. Here, visitors can enjoy the best hotels, restaurants and shops all over the island. And, if you want to know the history of Portugal and Madeira in depth, we highly recommend a visit to the Cicade do Açucar Museum or to the Arte Sacra Museum, the two most important ones from Madeira.

If you want to travel to Madeira, we recommend that you take advantage of our search engine to find and book the rental car that best meets your needs. Thanks to Pepecar now is possible to enjoy and explore the whole island without any problem.

The vast majority of Madeira’s crops grow along the sunny south coast of the island. However, in the north area of Madeira, which is colder and wetter than in the south, you will find a land full of farms. Almost the whole volcanic landscape remains without having been touched, and, some of its places are only accessible if you go walking.

Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful aspects of the island of Madeira is its natural landscapes, with incredibly astonishing views as the Laurisilva Forest, declared Human Heritage by UNESCO.

Apart from all these aforementioned aspects and places, Madeira is worth visiting, at least once in a lifetime, because of its excellent gastronomy. This place is famous for both its wines and meats. As for the meats, the most delicious one is the skewered beefs and steaks, made with a little addition of salt and cooked on the grill. And, of course, our recommendation is to taste magnificent dishes made of cod and tuna.


Santa Catalina – Madeira International Airport is located in Santa Cruz, 18 kilometers away from Funchal. From the capital, you can take both buses and taxis to access the island from end to end. However, if you want to avoid waiting for the bus and want to keep more money to spend in bars, restaurants or buying souvenirs, Pepecar offers you a search engine to book a rental car in the airport and other places in Madeira. That way, you are the master of your own time!

By the way! In case you want to visit the island of Porto Santo, you can go by plane from the Santa Catalina International Airport or by ferry from Funchal. Either ways are good options to visit this place and enjoy the whole island.


Even though you can travel in the public transport of Madeira, the best way to explore the whole island from end to end, without limitations or restrictions, is to book a rental car to have total freedom of movement.


Funchal has the widest range of touristic activities from Madeira. You can enjoy going to beaches specifically prepared to do different aquatic sports, sunbathe or going out every night to any of the many incredible restaurants and pubs. Did we mention that the prices of everything here are really low? Do not miss the opportunity and enjoy Funchal at its fullest.

The distance from the airport and Funchal is about 20 kilometers. Thanks to your rental car, you will be at the center of the capital in less than 20 minutes. Take the road VR1 to access Funchal.


Machico is the second most populated location in Madeira. Here, you will be able to discover an old architectonical tradition with buildings with more than five centuries. And, the most important aspect of the buildings is that they are perfectly preserved. Also, do not miss the chance to visit the Old Lighthouse, as it is the most emblematic and beautiful place of the location and where hundreds of legends have come to live in relation to the sighting of pirates.

The distance between Funchal and Machico is about 30 kilometers. Taking the road VR1, the trip will not take you more than 25 minutes to access this wonderful place.


This astonishing small fishing village offers visitors some of the most impressive views of Madeira. Caniçal is known for its wonderful beaches and the statute of Christ the King. This location may become a must-see point, as it is one of the most photographed areas in the island. The surrounding areas of Pico do Facho offers you astonishing views worthy of being photographed and explored.

The distance between Funchal and Caniçal is about 30 kilometers in direction to the east area of Madeira. Take the road VR1 with your rental car and in less than 30 minutes you will be in Caniçal.


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