Venice is, actually, a group of islands, extended and linked after centuries of sanitation works and drainage. These islands are closed and descend into the Chioggia, through the Lido and Pellestrina. From the lagoon appear other islands, which can be called authentic, as for example San Giorgio Maggiore, La Giudecca, Murano and Torcello.

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During the first half of the 20th century, in the inter-war period, the name of Venice was not only applied to the city of the lagoon, but also, to the whole northeast of Italy. Now, the regions which comprise the aforementioned city are known as Veneto, High-Trentino Adagio and Friuli-Venice Julia, though, nowadays, the name of “Triveneto” evinces the debt all these regions have with Venice.

Logically, the influence of Venice can be seen wherever you go from its nearby areas in Chioggia until Padua, as the artistic environment, the development of their culture, their freedom of thought and their prosperity comes, to a large extent, from Venice.

The elegant and inimitable Venice has its heart in the Saint Mark Square, considered as the most elegant hall all over Europe, the Ducal Palace and its Grand Canal. The Grand Canal in Venice, which divides the city in two parts, has, approximately, 4 kilometers in length, though there are only 4 bridges that allow you to cross from one side to the other.

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Venice is located at the northeast of Italy. Currently, Venice has two really close airports which connect Venice to different cities from Italy and Europe. The main airport and closest one is known as Marco Polo International Airport.

Marco Polo International Airport: it is the closest one to the city of Venice. If you land in this airport, you will be able to take advantage of the service of car rental in Marco Polo Airport, offered by Pepecar. The trip from the airport to Venice will take you about 15 minutes if you take the roads SS14 and SS11.

Treviso Airport: the distance between this airport and Venice is about 36 kilometers. If you want to get to the historic Venice, it will take you approximately 35 minutes and you will have to go through the Via della Libertà and the A57/E55.

The best option to get to Venice is going with a rental car until you reach the city and park it in any of the cheap parking lots of the city. You will find them crossing the Libertà Bridge. Remember that you won’t be allowed to utilize the car in the center of the city as there is no space for that in Venice.


Known as the Venetian gastronomy, the cuisine in Venice is original from this area, mixing the traditions of old families and the gastronomy created by some of the most famous chefs in the city. One of the main characteristics from this cuisine is the mixture between sea products and land products, all taken from Venice and its nearby areas.

In Venice, there are several sea products you should try, as for example shellfish, crabs, the moscardino (similar to a small octopus), the schilla (a crustacean), shrimps and the polenta. The best companion for these dishes, in Venice you have some of the best wines as the Cabernet or the Pinto, though you can also order their famous cocktail, made with champagne or Bellini.


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Padua, Padova in Italian, is a small city located 40 kilometers west to Venice. It is known for being an important cultural center. Among the wide variety of places you can visit in Padua, don’t miss the Saint Anthony Basilica, the Patro della Valle Square (the biggest square in Italy) and the impressive masterpieces of Donatello and Giotto.

You won’t spend more than 40 minutes to get to Padua from Venice. With your rental car, take the road A4/E70, which includes a toll.


Verona, the city of love, is the second most important city in Italy in terms of history, culture and art, after Venice. Verona is well-known because of William Shakespeare and his masterpiece and bestseller, Romeo and Juliet, whose setting is Verona. Moreover, the city’s architectural heritage is in perfect condition. The most visited places are the Piazza delle Erbe, San Zenon Basilica, the Arena of Verona (a Roman amphitheater) and Lamberti Tower.

The distance between Venice and Verona is about 120 kilometers. The fastest way to access this wonderful city is taking the A4/E70. Take advantage of our search engine and find the car that best meets your needs. Renting a car has never been so easy!