Car hire Rome

The cradle of Roman civilization, between the Capitol – center of the political power – and the Palatine, at the foot of which Romulo and Remo ended in; the wonders of Renaissance; the profusion of the golden years of Baroque: the Eternal City, where every single part of the city melts the hardest heart. Rome holds the biggest concentration of masterpieces of art from all over the world in the within the fold of the smallest European state, the Vatican, considered as the headquarters of Catholicism.

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Due to the enormous amount of cultural, historic and artistic interest points you can see and visit in Rome, many of them can be reached thanks to a rental car and others, only, walking, we would like to show you a selection of some of the most important, most touristic and most beautiful places according the place they are in, their style they belong to or because of its vast affluence of visitors:


The main points to visit from Ancient Rome are the Coliseum, the Palatine, the Roman Forum and the Circus Maximus. You can also go for a walk around the Campidoglio Square, the Nanova Square and, of course, the Fontana di Trevi. As the tradition says, you can throw a coin inside the fountain, but you have to turn your back to Neptune. Surely, we recommend a visit to the Roman Forum and the Pantheon, which are two really impressive places.


If you want to know the imperial part of Rome, you can start the route in Venice Square and end in the Coliseum, going through Saint Pietro in Vincoli.


Moreover, we recommend you to visit the Saint Mary Maggiore Church, Saint Giovanni in Laterano, the Scala Santa, Nanova Square, the Piazza di Spagna with its famous stairs, the Gesù and the famous Catacombs. Of course, it is almost compulsory to visit the Vatican, without missing the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums and the Saint Peter Basilica. The best option to move all over the city is making use of the rental car service in Rome Pepecar offers its clients. The best deals and the most competitive prices offered to our clients in our search engine.


To continue our visit all over the city of Rome, it is really important to know which the main neighborhoods in the city are. With your rental car in Pepecar you can move to each and every of the following places without any problem. This way, you can have more time to visit monuments, museums, churches, shops or, simply, to go dining.

  • Monti
  • Trevi
  • Colonna
  • Campo Marzio
  • Ponte
  • Parione
  • Regola
  • Sant Eustachio
  • Pigna
  • Campitelli
  • Sant Angelo
  • Ripa
  • Trastevere
  • Borgo
  • Esquilino
  • Ludovisi
  • Sallustiano
  • Castro Pretorio
  • Celio
  • Testaccio
  • San Saba
  • Prati


And, of course, the astonishing city of Rome has an enormous number of museums of worldwide recognition you can visit, undoubtedly, with your car rental in Rome. Among all the museums in the city, we recommend the most important or visited as for example:

  • Vatican Museums.
  • National Gallery of Ancient Art.
  • Borghese Gallery.
  • Palazzo Doria-Pamphili.
  • Musei Capitolini.
  • Museo Nazionale Etrusco.
  • National Gallery of Modern Art.
  • National Roman Museum.
  • National Museum of Venice Palace.


Finally, one of the major advantages you have with a rental car in Rome is that you can visit not only the most important museums, neighborhoods or monuments in Rome, but also, you can move with total freedom to nearby locations. If you visit all these places we recommend you, we assure you’ll have one of the best experiences of your whole life.

  • Fiumicino
  • Pomezia
  • Ardea
  • Ciampino
  • Castel Gandolfo
  • Albano Laziale
  • Ariccia
  • Genzano di Roma
  • Lanuvio
  • Velletri
  • Lariano
  • Artena
  • Rocca di Papa
  • Marino
  • Grottaferrata
  • Frascati
  • Monte Porzio Catone
  • Monte Compatri
  • Rocca Priora
  • San Cesareo
  • Colonna
  • Zagarolo
  • Palestrina
  • Labico
  • Valmontone
  • Genazzano
  • Gallicano nel Lazio
  • Tívoli
  • Castel Madama
  • Guidonia Montecelio
  • Sant Angelo Romano
  • Fonte Nuova
  • Mentana
  • Monterotondo
  • Formello


Pepecar allows you to pick up and return you rental vehicle all over Italy. If you want to take advantage of the services we offer, go to our search engine, find the car you like the most and reserve your car rental in any of the nearby airports to the city, in the port, in the bus station or in the train station. Once you are at your arrival point, you only need to pick your car hire up and start the journey to Rome following the following instructions.

  • From the Airport: this is the most famous, transited and easiest way to access Rome from all over the world. In fact, the city of Rome has two main airports: Fiumicino Airport and Ciampino Airport. We will show you hereunder how much time it will take you with a rental car to get to Rome from the airports.
    • From Ciampino Airport:
      • Distance: 16 to 27 kilometers depending on the route you choose to take.
      • Time: about 32 to 33 minutes.
      • Roads: SS7 Via Appia; SS7 Via Appia y Via Appia Pignatelli; or, A90/E80.
      • Toll(s): yes
    • From International Airport Leonardo da Vinci of Fiumicino:
      • Distance: 30 to 32 kilometers depending on the roads you go through.
      • Time: approximately 40 minutes.
      • Roads: A91; A91 and Via Cristoforo Colombo.
      • Toll(s): yes
  • From the Maritime Port: even though this is not a very popular option, there many cruises from all over Europe that end in the port of Civitavecchia. From this point, you can take either a train or a rental car, which can be picked up in the port of the city. The distance from here to Rome is about 80 kilometers, so it won’t take you more than 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • By bus or train: it may sound a little bit crazy, but many people adore traveling by bus or by train, and they do not even care about how long the destination is or how many buses and trains they need to take to get to the place of destination. If that is your case, the Termini Railway Station in Rome is only 500 meters away from the center of the city. In fact, this station is connected to almost the whole country. So, if you get to Rome by bus or train, it won’t take a lot of time from the station to the center of Rome.


For those who are going to spend more than 2 days in Rome, it is really worth paying a visit to the nearby cities with your rental car. All these cities are truly well connected either with train stations or with bus stations, though we recommend making your trips by car, as you will have total freedom to make the most of each and every second of your days in Italy.


Known as Island of Capri, it has one of the most beautiful landscapes all over the Naples Gulf. It is comprised of two main municipalities: Capri, which is the principal municipality and has two main ports; and Anacapri, which is located at the western part of the island. Once in the island, we recommend the ‘obligatory’ visit to places as impressive as the Blue Cave, the White Cave, the Solaro Mount, Villa Jovis, the Natural Arch, Augustan Gardens, the impressive Malaparte House or the astonishing Piazzetta Bell Tower, among many other places of incomparable beauty.

To get to Capri from Rome you should take your rental car and go through the road E45/A1 in direction to the road E35/Firenze/Napoli. Then, take the exit to Napoli/Centro/Porto. Once in Naples, take the ferry to get to the astounding island. The distance is of about 225 kilometers and the trip until Naples will take you 2 hours and 25 minutes. From here to Capri, the distance is about 45 kilometers and it will take you 2 hours and 15 minutes, as you have to take a ferry.


Tivoli is the city of villas par excellence. Due to its past as a summer residence of the highest nobility, the former villas are in perfect condition and have become part of the nature, making the place a stunning location to go for a walk in. There are many remains from the old city, though the two most important and visited places are: Adriana Villa and Villa d’Este. Moreover, in this wonderful Italian paradise you can visit other places as the Temple of Vesta, the Temple of Silbilla, Gregorian Villa, the Hundred Fountains, Saint Bernardine Palace, Braschi Villa or the Grandi Terme.

Tivoli is about 34 kilometers away from Rome and it won’t take you more than 30 minutes to get to it with your rental car. The road you have to take is the A24 and, then, the exit to Tivoli.