Car hire Sicily

Sicily is the biggest island all over the Mediterranean Sea. This gem from the south of Italy is perfect to explore with a rental car and discover all the beautiful places it hides in each and every province.

Both Sicily and Sardinia have a very strong character, as they could be independent states of Italy. Travelers can enjoy this marvelous island of Sicily and its surroundings thanks to the rent a car service Pepecar offers its clients through the search engine allowing you to find the best prices of car rental in Sicily.

Palermo, the capital of Sicily, is a paradise full of green areas with orange trees, rewarded with the high quality of its coast, the weather, its peoples and its incredible monuments. It is considered as one of the most touristic areas in Sicily because of the aforementioned details and many others. However, the whole island is a mixture of bigger or smaller “Palermo” with such wonders hidden in Sicily that this whole land has become one of the dream holidays destinations all over the world.


In Pepecar you can find the best deals to rent a car in Sicily and enjoy the beauty of this Italian island which mixes both the Mediterranean and its beaches with the history, mixture of cultures and millennial ruins. We want to offer you a possible touristic route where the starting point will be the occident of Sicily.

In the occidental part of the island you can find the Monreale Cathedral, the Zingaro Natural Reserve, the astonishing and lonely Segesta Greek Temple, the astounding Erice and the ancient Selinunte.

To the east of Sicily: with Cefalú, the sunny Eolias island and Messina (235 kilometers away from Palermo). The route continues with the urban trip through Catania, in the foothills of the immense Etna. And, of course, one cannot avoid the stunning Trapani, famous for its salt mines and salt mills.

Moving all over this magnificent island is much easier is you decide to reserve a rental car in Sicily through the search engine Pepecar offers each and every single traveler who wants to explore the island.


Sicily has three main airports. It does not matter in which you land, as Pepecar gives you the opportunity to pick up and return you rental car in all of them.

  • Catania-Fontanarossa Airport: the easiest way to access the center of Catania is taking the Via Giuseppe di Gregorio, for it will take you about 25 minutes with your rental car.
  • Palermo-Punta Raisi Airport: known as Falcone-Borsellino Airport, the distance between this place and the capital of Sicily is about 30 kilometers. Take the road E90 and in less than 30 minutes you will get to Palermo.
  • Trapani Airport: also known as Vicenzo Florio Airport is dedicated to low cost flights. To get to Trapani take the A29dir and the SS115, as it won’t take you more than 20 minutes.


Sicily is considered a gastronomic paradise thanks to the presence of the sea and the influence of all the cultures that have lived throughout history in this wonderful island. We can distinguish between different tendencies in their cuisine with dishes from Spain, Greece, Italy or even Morocco, Turkey and other Arabic countries. This land is known for the Mediterranean vegetables, present in the majority of their most typical dishes.

Once in Sicily, you can relax and park your rental car to enjoy a typical Italian table. Among the many hors d’oeuvres you can order arancini and cazzili. The main course is usually made of regional vegetables. The second course is mainly made of sardines or swordfish alla ghiotta, though you can also order the famous pasta al forno.

Apart from being a real gem in terms of touristic destination, the Sicilian cuisine expresses the passion and the incredible taste of the most pure and typical Italian products. From Pepecar, we recommend you to discover the island with a rental car to enjoy its landscapes, beaches, monuments, cities and, ultimately and most importantly, its cuisine.