There are many aspects worth mentioning from this amazing Northern city, which can boast of the Lee Kuan Yew Award in 2010, an award considered as the Nobel Prize of Architecture. One of the reasons why the city holds this impressive title is because of its magnificent Guggenheim Museum, built on the banks of the Bilbao estuary in 1997. Another important attraction is the Balenciaga Museum, dedicated to one of the most renowned designers all over the globe. And, we cannot forget about the traditional Basque gastronomy, an explosion of flavors mixed in just one delicious Basque pintxo, which can be tasted at the Pozas area.

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Founded some centuries B.C., the city of Bilbao has its origins in different scripts from the Roman Empire. It is said that Bilbao was at the beginning a major village, founder of around 70 percent of the cities we know nowadays in the Basque Country. During the Middle Ages, this small village saw a huge improvement thanks to several treaties with people from different royal families of Spain.  Taking into account that Bilbao, at that time, was one of the most important ports all over Spain, this place became an obligatory path for those working as traders.

In the 16th century, thanks to the regulations Juana I of Castile established in terms of commerce, the new Consulate of Bilbao became the main force of government in the area. It was truly good news, as the city started to implement its economic power and its reputation as the most important village dedicated to the commerce in Spain. From that moment onwards, Bilbao has been involved in different conflicts, such as the Independence War, between 1808 and 1813, where the French came to Spain alleging they had to be seen as allies but ended up been a horrific scenario of war against Napoleon Bonaparte; the Carlist First War, where Bilbao was one of the main places to be conquered by those support King Charles; or the Spanish Civil War, where German forces bombarded many cities, towns and villages from the Basque Country.

Nowadays, Bilbao is located in an environment that offers the visitor places of a great beauty and interest. During the 90s, the city suffered a process of deindustrialization. This process led the city to transform its economy into a commercial and banking power. And, this can be seen in the big improvements the city has accomplished since 1991 onwards with the construction of the underground, Guggenheim Museum, one of the most famous museums all over the globe, Euskalduna Palace, a congress and conventions center, or the Zubizurri, also known as the White Bridge or Pedestrian Bridge of Campo de Volantín, which is one the emblematic points of Bilbao.

If you want to travel to Bilbao to explore from end to end this magnificent city, Pepecar wants to recommend you some of the places you will admire when you see them, as for example, the Chavarri Palace, an eclectic building dedicated to the Basque Country Government Subdelegation headquarters, the Lezama-Leguizamon House, declared Cultural Feature of National Interest, or the aforementioned Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Gehry and belongs to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.

Did you know that the gastronomy of Bilbao is known all over the world? According to many experts and chefs from different countries, the gastronomy of Bilbao is really worth tasting. It is based on sea products, being cods and elvers the main product. Therefore, it is almost compulsory to order some cod al pil pil, cod of Biscay, hake with green sauce, European squids, and canuto of Bilbao (typical dessert from Bilbao). Of course, you will need something to drink with this wonderful gastronomy. We recommend you to order some Txacoli, a white wine with Denomination of Origin of Biscay.

Bilbao and its surrounding areas have many activities to enjoy with your family, friends, couple, etc. However, if you want to discover this city and many other places with total freedom and without having to depend on the public transport and its limitations, we recommend you to rent a car at the best price, as those offered by Pepecar. Remember, you can also book your vehicle for pick-up and return at Bilbao Airport.


We want to give you a small guide of places you can visit with the rental car. Before you start the route, search the car that best meets your needs. Once you have it, take it and let’s begin!

Take the exit from La Paloma Airport and head to the city. It is a short drive, as just 13 kilometers separate us from the center of the city. Once you are there, hundreds of possibilities arise. You may start with an obligatory visit to the Guggenheim Museum. The external façades are, indeed, impressive. Very near the Guggenheim you will find the old shipyard, transformed into the Maritime Museum Ria de Bilbao. This is a good opportunity to discover the naval tradition that made this town an industrial-sector leader worldwide.

Once the cultural visit is over, you may want to move to the Old City of Bilbao to wander around the typical bars in the area, where tasting a pintxo, or a couple of them, is mandatory. Moreover, along the famous ‘siete calles’ (seven streets) you will find both modern and traditional shops perfect to go shopping.

Even though you will not find the beach at the city, the coast is just a few kilometers away and driving along it is truly easy. Starting in Getxo, just 15 kilometers away, drive along the road BI-637. Las Arenas is the most famous district in Getxo, as it was, at the beginning, a summer resort for the bourgeoisie. Also, from here you can see the Hanging Bridge, a unique construction.

From Las Arenas, take the road BI-634 and head to Sopelana, more specifically to Barrika, where its amazing cliffs show an amazing view of the Cantabrian Sea. Both in summer and winter, local and foreigner surfers cram into Barrika to see the wonderful sunsets and enjoy surf in the coast. Storms are also impressive from here, so Barrika is the right place for the bravest adventurers when it is raining.

The route ends with a visit to Gaztelugatxe, a small island near Bermeo, known for Saint John Eremite. It is a real historical gem from the 10th Century. Sights to the horizon from here are breathtaking, as you will see the combination of the dark blue of the ocean and the green of the vegetation, considered as one of the most representative landscapes of the North of Spain.

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  • Alonsótegui
  • Arrigorriaga
  • Baracaldo
  • Basauri
  • Bilbao
  • Derio
  • Erandio
  • Echévarri
  • Galdácano
  • Guecho
  • Lejona
  • Lujua
  • Portugalete
  • Santurce
  • Sestao
  • Sondica
  • Valle de Trápaga
  • Zamudio


If you need more touristic information to travel all over Bilbao with your rental car from Pepecar, here you are some of the main addresses to the Tourism Office centers from the city. 

Tourism Bilbao. Plaza Circular 1. 48001 Bilbao
Tourism Office in Bilbao. Alameda Mazarredo, 66. 48001 Bilbao
Centro de Atención e Información al Peregrino de Bizkaia. Asociación de Amigos del Camino de Santiago de Bizkaia. Grupo Santo Domingo de Guzmán, 14 (lonja). 48006 Bilbao
Tourism Office in Sopelana. Calle Sabino Arana, 1. 48600 Sopelana
Tourism Office in Bermeo. Calle Lamera s/n. 48370 Bermeo - Vizcaya
Tourism Office in Gernika. Calle Artekalea, 8. 48300 Gernika / Lumo - Vizcaya
Tourism Office in Getxo. Playa Ereaga, s/n. 48992 Las Arenas Getxo - Vizcaya
Tourism Office in Portugalete. Paseo de la Canilla, s/n. 48920 Portugalete - Vizcaya



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  • •             Santander
  • •             Pamplona
  • •             Logroño

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