Car hire in Logroño

Logroño is the capital of La Rioja and if we wanted to be exhaustive, there would be plenty of good reasons to spend a few days in the city. Of course, this land is known for being one of the most important wine cultures in the world. Located in the north of Spain, in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, Logroño is the economic, cultural and service centre of the autonomous community. 

Pepecar is present in the main tourist and business destinations in Spain, and also in Logroño. If you need to hire a car hire in Logroño, we recommend you to use the Pepecar search engine and find the best prices for your car to get the most out of your stay in the capital of La Rioja. 

Cheap car hire in Logroño


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Note: The prices shown here are purely indicative and were calculated on 22 September 2020 for a 7-day rental. These prices may change depending on the date, pick-up/drop-off point, supplier, car model, etc. 

Frequently asked questions about car hire in Logroño

Without a credit card I can't hire a car in Logroño?

At Pepecar you can make your reservation with a debit card without any problems. To collect the vehicle you must have a credit card in the driver's name as a guarantee.

How much does it cost to hire a car in Logroño?

Hiring a car in Logroño depends on different factors such as seasonality, time and type of car among others. Find your car hire in Logroño with Pepecar at the best price.

Which car hire offices are located in Logroño?

In Logroño you will be able to find different offices so that you can choose the car hire that best suits your needs. See all the offices in Logroño.

Do I need an excess to hire a car?

Yes, the excess depends directly on the supplier. At Pepecar we will inform you in the terms and conditions of what the price of the excess will be and we also offer you a fully comprehensive insurance with reimbursement of the excess for an economical price.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, although this option is subject to the cancellation policy of each provider. To find out about this cancellation policy we recommend you read the terms and conditions of the provider you have chosen.

How do I make a reservation?

It is very intuitive and easy, you only have to enter the pick-up destination of the vehicle indicating the days you want to have it rented followed by the time, if you want you can also select another destination where to deliver it.

Can I modify my booking?

Through our website you can modify your reservation as many times as you want without any additional charge, except within 24 hours before the agreed time to deliver the car.

What documents do I need to hire a rental car?

In order to hire a rental car you will normally be required to provide the following documents: 

  • ID card or passport 
  •  Driving licence valid in Spain or Europe. 
  •  Credit card in the name of the driver who made the reservation. 

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Information about Logroño

Logroño is also known as the city of the crossroads, as different roads branch off through it to reach different parts of Spain. Among the roads we can highlight the route of the Way of St. James. Surrounded by the river Ebro, this city was of enormous importance for the kingdoms of Castile, Navarre and Aragon, as it was a strategic military and political enclave. For many years the city was famous for its revolts against Franco and the tobacco industry. However, what makes the city most famous is undoubtedly its wine industry and the title of First Commercial City of Spain. It also won the designation of Spanish Capital of Gastronomy in 2012. 

The wines of La Rioja and its highly-prized Designation of Origin are endorsed by hundreds of winemaking establishments and places where you can learn about the history of its wines and go wine tasting. In addition, in this area of the Route of Santiago, one can lose oneself in essential monuments, such as the Santa María la Redonda Co-cathedral, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, the church of San Bartolomé, which also holds the title of Asset of Cultural Interest, the Palacio de los Chapiteles, which was the city's town hall for many years, or the San Blas Market, among many other places of interest. Logroño is one of the cities with the most history and monuments declared Sites of Cultural Interest in Spain. 

Transport and access

In order to get to Logroño, Pepecar recommends two of the most common options and one for those who enjoy driving. Remember that you can book your hire car and pick it up at the airport as soon as you leave through the main gate. 

Excursions by car from Logroño


This municipality in La Rioja is considered to be the most touristy in the whole of La Rioja. And no wonder. Here you can stroll through some of the most beautiful vineyards in Spain, visit the Ebro River area, see the town squares and palaces, enter and admire the church of Santa María la Mayor, or eat at the most important restaurant in the whole of La Rioja and part of Spain, the Echaurren. Ah! Do you like skiing? Then visit Ezcaray and go to the Valdezcaray ski resort. You won't regret it.

The distance between Logroño and Ezcaray is around 70 kilometres, so with your hire car it will take you just over an hour and a quarter. It's not every day you'll see a place as beautiful as Ezcaray, so don't think too much about it, take the A-12 and head towards this, the most touristy place in La Rioja. There's a reason, isn't there?


This village in La Rioja is a place with a great deal of charm and history. Here you can access the Arnedo Castle Viewpoint, where you can see some of the remains of the town's Muslim castle. From the top of the castle you can see a panoramic view of the whole town and admire the beauty of the land of La Rioja in all its splendour. You can also visit the upper Cidacos valley, declared a Biosphere Nature Reserve, or the Vico Monastery, among many other places.

The distance between Logroño and Arnedo is about 55 kilometres, so with your hire car it will take you about three quarters of an hour. Don't miss this beautiful town. Take the N-232 and the LR-123 and you'll be there in no time.


This town was founded by the Romans many centuries ago. But it is not the Roman remains that make Alfaro a wonderful place, but its colony of white storks, one of the most important in Spain. Their nest is none other than the most impressive building in the town: the Collegiate Church of San Miguel, considered a National Historic-Artistic Monument since 1976. Not to mention the palaces and mansions that are still in very good condition, some of which were designed by Ventura Rodríguez.

 The distance between Logroño and Alfaro is approximately 80 kilometres, so the best option is to book a hire car in Logroño and take the AP-68 to reach your destination in less than an hour. 

Roads in Logroño / La Rioja

 These are some of the main roads in the province of La Rioja on which you may travel in your Pepecar hire car if you visit the most emblematic towns in La Rioja. 

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