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Vigo is a truly beautiful place from the province of Pontevedra, in the Autonomous Community of Galicia. It is located in the northwest of Spain, and it is known as the Olivic City or the City of Olives, due to its ancient olive groves situated in the actual Santa Maria church. Also, it is one of the most populated municipalities from all over the Iberian Peninsula and the most populated non-capital city. 

The most recommendable option is Vigo is to have a rental car, as you will be able to visit both the whole city and its surrounding areas. You will be able to enjoy its wonderful beaches, where its natural landscape will amaze you, or discover the many towns in the surroundings, known for its incomparable beauty. Pepecar offers you a service of booking rental car in Vigo to obtain the best car at the best price. 

Cheap car rental in Vigo


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Frequently asked questions about car hire at Vigo

Without a credit card I can't rent a car in Vigo?

At Pepecar you can make your reservation with a debit card without any problems. To collect the vehicle you must have a credit card in the driver's name as a guarantee.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Vigo?

Renting a car in Vigo depends on different factors such as seasonality, time and type of car among others. Find your car hire in Vigo with Pepecar at the best price.

Which car rental offices are located in Vigo?

In Vigo you can find different offices so you can choose the rental car that best suits your needs. See all the offices in Vigo

Do I need an excess to rent a car?

Yes, the excess depends directly on the supplier. At Pepecar we inform you in the terms and conditions of what the price of the excess will be and apart from that we offer you a fully comprehensive insurance with reimbursement of the excess for an economical price.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, although this option is subject to the cancellation policy of each provider. We recommend that you read the terms and conditions of your chosen provider to find out about their cancellation policy.

How do I make a reservation?

It is very intuitive and easy, you only have to enter the pick-up destination of the vehicle indicating the days you want to have it rented followed by the time, if you want you can also select another destination where to deliver it.

Can I change my booking?

Through our website you can modify your reservation as many times as you want without any additional charge, except within 24 hours before the agreed time to deliver the car to you.

What documents do I need to hire a rental car?

In order to hire a rental car you will normally be required to provide the following documents:

  • ID card or passport
  • Driving licence valid in Spain or Europe.
  • Credit card in the name of the driver who made the reservation.


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History of Vigo

Thanks to the archeological remains in the nearby area of the city of Vigo, it is not so strange to claim that the origins of this place date back to the Paleolithic or Stone Age. This can be seen in the different dolmens located in the city. However, its golden era of this city came, in the 2nd century before Christ, with the arrival of the Roman Empire. Named by the Romans as Vicus, you can find some archeological wonders from this era as the Roman Village, the salt mines, the Necropolis or the Roman Bridge, among many other remains. Some centuries after the arrival of the Romans, the Vikings tried to occupy the city, forcing Vigo inhabitants to exile in the Christian monasteries in surrounding areas. 

Precisely, it was in the Middle Ages when Vigo started to extend its famous thanks for the high quality of its olive groves. During the 15th and 18th centuries, the city of Vigo became a process of expansion, above all, thanks to the commerce, the artisan activity and the fishing. The city of Vigo has suffered many different types of war along history. However, if there is something worth mentioning about its people is the resistance and opposition to conquerors. Nowadays, Vigo has become one of the most important locations all over the autonomous community. In fact, in the 20th century, the city has been rewarded because of its neatness, touristic offering, its politics, its promulgation of a high quality education, and its promotion of sports for people at any stage in their life: children, young people, adults, and elder people. 

Gastronomy lovers will be amazed at the astonishing culinary offer of this area. The key and basic products from Vigo are fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, seafood, Padron pepper, pies and wine. Among the wide variety of dishes cooked with fish or seafood, we recommend ordering some caldeiras of fish, baked or fried scallops, some fish a la gallega (traditional Galician way of cooking fish), oysters, mussels, common cockles and barnacles. Also, we recommend that you order some delicious Galician soup, Galician pie, game meat, filloas and fried milk (two of the most typical desserts) or “a feira” octopus. All these dishes accompanied with some coffee liquor, wine from Vigo, or, for those who love strong drinks with alcohol, orujo (liquor distilled from grape remains) and queimada (a traditional drink made with flamed orujo, sugar and lemon. 

Undoubtedly, this beautiful city is one of the most touristic locations in Galicia. Therefore, we recommend that you book a rental car in Vigo to be able to see astonishing places as the Old Town, the oldest part of the city where you will discover the Pedra Market or the Constitution Square. Moreover, you may want to visit the Santa Maria Co-cathedral, the Mar de Vigo Auditorium, or the many wonderful sculptures located all over the city. And, for those who love spending time at the beach, Cies Islands are located truly close to the coast of Vigo. There, you will enjoy a natural landscape to rest and discover one of the most beautiful islands from Spain. 


There are several ways travelers usually take to access Vigo. Therefore, Pepecar wants to give you some of the best options to enjoy this wonderful city at its finest. Also, we recommend that you book a rental car at Vigo Airport and Vigo Railway Station. 



The third most populated from Galicia is one of the most visited touristic places from the autonomous community. Orense is known for its roman heritage, its localization near the Minho River and its vineyards. In this wonderful city, you will be able to visit places as the Cathedral of San Martin, the Ramiro Castle, the medieval Bridge or the thermal springs of las Burgas. 

The distance between Vigo and Orense is about 100 kilometers. The trip will take you 1 hour and 10 minutes if you take the road A-52. 


The capital of the province of Pontevedra is one of the most touristic places from the north of Spain. Also, it is one of the most beautiful and historic cities from Spain. Thanks to its localization, it is called the capital of Rías Baixas. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Royal Basilica of Santa María la Mayor, the Fonseca House, the Mendoza small Palace or the remains of Pontevedra Walls. 

The distance between Vigo and Pontevedra is about 30 kilometers. Take your rental car through the road A-9 in direction to the north. The trip will take you less than 30 minutes. 


Here you are a list of some of the beaches you can visit in Vigo with your rental car from Pepecar. 


If you want to find more information or need a map to discover Vigo from end to end, simply go to any of the following tourist offices with your rental car. 


Vigo Tourist Office
Calle Cánovas del Castillo, 22
36202 Vigo - Pontevedra


Vigo Tourist Office
Calle Cánovas del Castillo, 22
36202 Vigo - Pontevedra


Vigo Municipal Tourist Office
Estación Marítima de Ría
36202 Vigo - Pontevedra

Car rental office in Vigo

Vigo is an ideal city to explore the area with your hire car. Galicia is one of the most beautiful parts of Spain and offers idyllic landscapes. To make it easier for you to pick up or drop off your vehicle, here is a list of the main collaborators you can find in the city.


• Arenal 86, A 50 Mts De Estacion Renfe -Guixar, 36201 Vigo Spain


Peinador Aeropuerto,Avda. Del Aeropuerto S/N,36318 Vigo Spain


Peinador Aeropuerto,Avda. Del Aeropuerto S/N,36318 Vigo Spain


Estacion Tren Urzaiz Plaza De La Estacion Sn Vigo 36201


Aeropuerto De Vigo Peinador Vigo 36318


Estación Tren Urzaiz 36201


Aeropuerto De Vigo 36318


Peinador aeropuerto 36318 vigo Spain


Arenal 86 36201 vigo Spain


Calle Camino Pino Manso Vigo , 36318 España


Camino de Pineiro Manso 13 Vigo , 36318 España


Aeropuerto De Vigo 36318

Aeropuerto De Vigo 36318


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