Car hire Marsala

Marsala is a city which belongs to the island of Sicily and is located in the province of Trapani. It is the biggest city in its province and one of the largest and most populated cities all over Sicily. Known as the City of Wine for its large vineyards of high quality, Marsala is really close to the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, the city has been declared European Capital of Wine. Moreover, in the last few decades, Marsala has become one of the most touristic cities all over the island.

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The origin of Marsala dates back to the 4th century B.C. as a small settlement known as Lilibeo, until the Romans came to Sicily and the settlement became part of the Roman Empire, making this place one of the main cities from the Mediterranean Sea. Many centuries later, Lilibeo was conquered by the Arabs and its name was changed to Marsa Ali. In the 18th century, now known as Marsala, the city started to develop its wine industry, creating the first Wine of Marsala. Thanks to it, not many years ago from now, the city became the European Capital of Wine, a distinction that allowed an increase in the economy of the area and tourism.


If you want to enjoy the wonders of Marsala, a rental car with Pepecar will make it easier for you. Among all places you might visit, we have chosen those we thought you may like as, for example, the Baglio Anselmi Museum, Florio Canteen, Ipogeo of Crispia Salvia, Mirabile Museum, Marsala Cathedral, Fici Palace, Marsala Castle, Ancient Gates and Walls of Marsala, Saint John Baptist Church and Saint Peter Church and Monastery.


To reach Marsala, the most common way is that travelers land in nearby airports. In Pepecar, we would like to recommend you to reserve a rental car in Trapani Airport, Palermo Airport and Catania Airport, as they are the closest airports to the city.

  • From Trapani Airport:
    • Distance: about 15 kilometers.
    • Time: no more than 25 minutes.
    • Roads: take the SP21.
    • Toll(s): yes.
  • From Palermo Airport:
    • Distance: between 100 and 115 kilometers.
    • Time: depending of the route you take, from 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    • Roads: two main options: A29/E90 and A29dir; or A29/E90 and SS188.
    • Toll(s): yes.
  • From Catania Airport:
    • Distance: no less than 300 kilometers and no more than 330 kilometers, depending on your route.
    • Time: between 3 hours and 30 minutes to 3 hours and 55 minutes.
    • Roads: two options: taking the A19, or going through the A19 and SS115.
    • Toll(s): yes.


There are many routes you can do with your vehicle departing from the beautiful Italian city of Marsala. We want to recommend you some destinations – astonishing ones – which are not more than 150 kilometers away from the city and, most importantly, which can be accessed with a rental car.


Trapani is an Italian city from the region of Sicily, known as the City of Salt and Sail. Thanks to its incredible touristic offer, Trapani is one of the biggest touristic cities par excellence. It is located really closed to the Mediterranean Sea and its territorial extension covers a great deal of land from the Enrice Doc Wine Route. If you doubt about going or not, you need to know that here you can enjoy the calmest of your holidays ever in one of the many resorts and hotels you can choose. Moreover, you will have the privilege to visit places as the Conte Agostini Pepoli Museum, the Grotte de Scurati Cave, Trapani Cathedral, the House of the Palms or the Rosa Serraino Vulpitta Opera.

The distance between Marsala and Trapani is about 30 kilometers. With your rental car, take the roads SP21 and SS115 and you’ll be there in less than 45 minutes.


The beautiful city of Palermo was linked to the Sicilian Mafia some decades ago. However, the city has nothing to do with this dark past. In fact, Palermo is not only the capital city of Sicily, but also one of the most important places in Italy, especially thanks to its monumental and architectonical complex declared World Heritage Sites. So, if you decide to come to Palermo, don’t miss places of such wonder as the Palatine Chapel, the Norman Palace, Martorana Church, Palermo Cathedral, Saint Cataldo Church, Zisa Palace and the Botanic Garden.

The distance between Marsala and Palermo is about 130 kilometers. The fastest way to reach the city is taking the roads A29dir and E90, for, thanks to your rental car, you will be in Palermo in less than 1 hour and 55 minutes.


Agrigento, which is really famous for its Valley of Temples, can be found in the island of Sicily. It is known as the City of Temples and its most famous Valley of Temples has been declared World Heritage Site. Its heritage has made the city grow exponentially. Therefore, if you want to know the reason why it is a beautiful gem simply go and visit the Cathedral of Agrigento, the Olympian Zeus Temple, Saint Mary of Greece Church, Bishop Palace, Zirafa Palace, Holy Spirit Monastery, Diocesan Museum or the aforementioned Valley of Temples.

The distance between Marsala and Agrigento is about 135 kilometers. Take your car hire in Marsala and go through the SS115 in direction to the southwest to reach Agrigento. The trip will take you about 2 hours and 15 minutes.