Car hire Brescia

Brescia is the capital of its own province, in the region of Lombardy. It is located between Milan, Verona and Bergamo. Brescia is one of the most populated cities from Italy, and its province is considered to be among the 10 most densely populated ones in the entire country. This wonderful Italian city was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as it is considered the birthplace of Lombardy. Known as the Lioness of Italy, Brescia was one of the major cities during the Italian Risorgimento and, probably even most important than that, the city has been selected as the Gastronomy Capital of 2017.

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Between the 7th and 1st centuries B.C. this beautiful city from Italy was part of the Gallic tribes and the Romans. In the 12th century, Brescia obtained its independence. In the 15th century, the city became part of the Venice Republic. During the 19th century, Brescia was part of the kingdom of Italy. After being bombarded during the WWII, this beautiful city rose out of the ashes of its devastation and became one of the main cultural, economic and tourism motors of the country.

A rental car is one of the best allies you can have if you are going to travel to Brescia. It is not because the public transportation service is useless. It’s more because, with a rental vehicle, you become lord and master of your time and freedom of movement. And, if that’s not enough, we want you to know that you can visit places of such beauty as Saint Salvador Church, Garda Lagoon, Saint Mary of Miracles Church, Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery, Brescia Castle, the Capitol or the Saint Giulia Monastery, which are locations you can get to much easier with a car hire than with the public transport.


Among the many ways travelers have to get to the beautiful city of Brescia, in Pepecar we recommend landing in the airports of Milan, Verona and Bergamo, as the distance between your destination and these locations is negligible. Moreover, you can pick up your rental car in the airport you decide to land in.

  • From Verona Airport: the distance between the airport and Brescia is about 60 kilometers. The easiest way to get there is taking the A4/E70 in direction to the west and north, as it won’t take you more than 50 minutes.
  • From Milan Airport: the distance between Milan-Linate Airport and Brescia is about 85 kilometers. Take the road A35 in direction to the east, as it won’t take you more than 1 hour. Another option is going through the A4/E64m though it may take you about 1 hour and 5 minutes.
  • From Bergamo Airport: the distance between both locations is about 50 kilometers. Go through the A4/E64 in direction to the southeast, for the trip will take you about 45 minutes.


The north of Italy is one of the most beautiful areas you can visit all over Europe. And, certainly, Brescia is an important part of this beauty. For this reason, we want to recommend several really close places you can visit in the north of the country with your rental car in Brescia.


Milan is an important commercial, industrial, financial and fashion center, known all over the globe. It is considered as one of the most relevant cities in Italy and part of Europe and is located in the region of Lombardy. Milan is a place of incomparable beauty. In case you visit this place, don’t miss the Milan Cathedral, Sforzesco Castle, Victor Manuel Gallery or Saint Ambrosio Basilica.

You can get to Milan in less than 1 hour and 20 minutes with a rental car if you take the A4/E64. The distance is about 105 kilometers. Another option is going through the A35, and it’ll take you more or less the same time.


It’s impossible to say anything about Verona without talking about Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet. It is located in the region of Veneto and has become one of the most interesting, touristic and beautiful places in Italy. It is considered as one of the biggest cities in the country. However, Verona is not only a place where the play of Romeo and Juliet was set. It is much more than that. If you want to discover why thousands of visitors come here every year, visit the Erbe Square, Lamberti Tower, Juliet House, San Zenon Basilica, Verona Basilica, Castelvecchio, Castelvecchio Bridge or the Roman Theater.

With your rental car in Brescia, take the road A4 during 70 kilometers and 55 minutes and you will be enjoying the city of Verona in less than you imagine.



Bergamo is located really close to the Alps and to Milan. It is known for its geographical division and as the City of the Thousand, as an army of a thousand man departed from here to defend the city against a devastating attack. Undoubtedly, Bergamo is the perfect place to enjoy culture, history, architecture and food at their finest. Don’t miss the Saint Mary Maggiore Basilica, Carrara Academy, Colleoni Chapel, Venice Walls, Ragione Palace, Astino Abbey or the Saint Alexander Cathedral.

There’s nothing better than taking your rental car in Brescia to visit the astonishing city of Bergamo. The distance is only 55 kilometers, so it won’t take you more than 45 minutes if you go through the road A4/E64 in direction to the northwest.