Stoke on Trent with Pepecar - car hire

Better known as Stoke, this city is one of the most characteristic ones all over the United Kingdom. This city is known as the City of Six Villages, as it is a polycentric location. It is really close to cities as Newcastle-under-Lyme, Derby, and Nottingham. Also, this beautiful English city is really well known for its huge tradition in creating ceramic products.

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Once you have it, you could visit emblematic locations as the Museum and Art Gallery of Ceramic, a beautiful place of free entrance to discover one of the most characteristic sectors of the city; Trentham Gardens, one of the most visited in the city, as well as one of the most awarded gardens in England for its beauty and care; Church of Saint Peter ad Vincula, a religious building in the center of the city with such an impressive beauty; or Gladstone Ceramic Museum, a place really special, for it is part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage.


Some of the most common ways to access this wonderful city are landing at the airports of Manchester, Birmingham and East Midlands. The reason is because in all of them you can pick up and return a rental car previously reserved with Pepecar. In fact, by so doing, you will get to Stoke in less time than you might have ever imagined.

East Midlands Airport

The distance to get to Stoke from this airport is nearly 70 kilometers. We recommend taking the road A50, as it won’t take you more than 50 minutes.

Birmingham Airport

At a distance of 90 kilometers, this route will take you about 1 hour if you drive through the road M6. In case you take the road A38 and A50, the trip will be about 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Manchester Airport

Finally, many travelers choose this airport, for it is one of the biggest ones all over the United Kingdom. In case you land at this location, our two recommendations are driving through the road M6 during 60 kilometers and 1 hour, or going through the roads M6 and A500, a route that will take you about 1 hour as well.


From Pepecar, we would like to suggest different trips with your rental car to some of the most incredible nearby locations to Stoke.


The distance between both locations is no longer than 72 kilometers. Take the road M6 and you will be in Manchester in less than 1 hour and 10 minutes. Once you reach the city, you can visit emblematic locations as Chetham Library, Manchester Cathedral or Manchester City Museum. In case you like football, don’t miss Manchester United and Manchester City stadiums.


To get to Sheffield, there is nothing better as to have a rental car to move with total freedom all over the city and its surroundings. From Stoke, take the road M1 for 130 kilometers and approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes. In Stoke, places as Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet or Arts Tower, to mention a few of them, are waiting for you.


Finally, Derby is a wonderful location to discover places as Calke Abbey, Derby Gaol, Derby Cathedral, Donington Grand Prix Exhibition or Abraham Heights. To access this city from Stoke, drive through the road A50 for about 55 kilometers and nearly 45 minutes.