Newcastle in rental car

The city of Newcastle upon Tyne, mostly known as Newcastle, is located in the former region of Northumbria. Nowadays, the city belongs to the County of Tyne and Wear to the northeast of England.

The city is part of the select group of main English cities and of the network of Eurocities from the European Union. Cities connected with a fantastic network of roads and with incredible companies of rental cars in Newcastle and its surroundings. The New Castle, as it is the meaning of the name of the city, was built by the Normans, also known as “Northmen”, over an old Anglo-Saxon church in the year 1080 AD. It is located on the riverbank of the Tyne River, where the famous Pons Aelius was built.

It is an English city with a charm which mixes the modernity of present days with an important historic past of more than two thousand years. Among the main touristic attractions of Newcastle, we recommend visiting the Castle Keep, the Gateshead, which crosses Tyne River, the popular and beautiful Grey Street, and Adrian’s Wall.

Moreover, as in many other destinations from the United Kingdom, Pepecar gives you the possibility to get a car in Newcastle with its rental car search engine. The rented car will allow you to move with total freedom and without time restrictions not only around Newcastle but also around the whole land of England, Scotland, Wales and both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


The best locations in Newcastle to stay in are located in the neighborhoods of Heaton, Gosforth and Spital Tongues. If you want to have a little bit more of tranquility and, most importantly, if you can pay for it, we recommend Jesmond, which is located a little bit far away from the center of the city, but if you have a rental car, the distance won’t be a problem at all.

The size of the city of Newcastle is not excessively huge in comparison to other cities from the United Kingdom. However, it is necessary to have a rental car to move with total freedom all over the city and to visit its incredible surroundings.


The best way to access the city is through the Newcastle International Airport, located 10 kilometers northeast from the center of the city. If you prefer, you can also land at Durham Tees Valley Airport, which is about 60 kilometers south of Newcastle.

The second option has a lot of success due to the huge number of low-cost airlines establishing their flights from Spain in this location. Landing at Durham you can rent a car at the airport of the city and take the A1 to Newcastle. The trip will take you up to 50 minutes.

The advantage of the Newcastle International Airport is that it is located only 10 kilometers from the center of the city. Therefore, renting a car in this airport will allow you to get to Newcastle in approximately 15 minutes if you go through the roads A696 and A617.


For tourists or business travelers, using a rental car as those offered by Pepecar can become a great alternative allowing to move without limitations all over the city and its surroundings. But remember: they drive on the left. However, it is the perfect place to try and drive with the steering wheel on the right, as the most beautiful places are located at that side of the road. Now, we want to show you some of the best options you have to make a trip with your rental car.


Located one hour apart from Newcastle, the wonderful Bamburgh Castle is a hundred percent recommend for those who love Game of Thrones. It is built on a beautiful rock in the North Sea coast of England, where Metal Age archaeological sites have been found. This castle was the main administrative center of the region of Northumbria. It is worth the visit, for this incredible castle and its museums are incomparable. The best option to come here is renting a car and taking the road A1.


It is located at so short a distance that you can get to Durham from Newcastle in only 25 minutes. This city was founded by a group of monks in the year 995 expressly to build a sepulcher for the cadaver of Saint Cuthbert. At the beginning, a church was built in wood. Time passed and the wooden church became the Cathedral of Durham, which is considered as one of the best examples of Norman architecture. From 1986, the castle of Durham and the cathedral were declared World Heritage Sites.


For those who love adventures and want to visit one of the most touristic cities all over the United Kingdom, Edinburgh is your place. If you get a rental car in Newcastle, you can get to Edinburgh taking the A1 during 1 hour and 30 minutes. Don’t forget to enjoy Scotland at its finest!