Rent a car in London

Located on the riverbank of the River Thames, in the southeast of the island of Great Britain, we find the city of London, the political and economic capital of the United Kingdom. It is considered to be one of the most visited cities all over the world due to its special and cosmopolitan character inviting tourists to walk all over it and enjoy the huge capacity this fascinating European city has to welcome thousands of visitors yearly.

London is fun, culture, lights and colors. A city that surprises both visitors coming for the first time and those who have already been to it and have fallen in love with the city making them want to come back as many times as possible. This city will make you feel small once you are next to the magnificent Big Ben. You will be able to contemplate the world under your feet from the impressive London Eye. And, for sure, you cannot forget to the Changing of the Royal Guard in front of Buckingham Palace, apart from many other activities you can have all over the city.

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London has nothing but five airports, all with multiple airlines connecting the city from different points with the rest of the world. Also, London airports are usually connecting points and stopover points for other flights making them be visited by millions of tourists along the year.

Pepecar gives the possibility to reserve your rental car to be picked up at the airport and start, from that area, your trip to the astonishing city of London.

London Heathrow

This airport is considered as one of the most transited all over the world. It has five terminals and a vast number of shops, bars, and restaurants. It is located 32 kilometers to the west of the center of London.

London Gatwick

This airport is the second largest one all over the United Kingdom and is situated 45 kilometers to the south of the center of London.

London Stansted

This airport has grown a lot in the last few years thanks to low-cost airlines which have started to serve on its terminals. It has made a huge impact on the city as it made a number of tourists grow exponentially. It is a little bit farther from the city as compared to the rest, as it is located about 64 kilometers to the northeast of London.


In so a big city as it is London, you will find a lot of optimal areas where to choose the hotel or the accommodation to stay in. And, of course, depending on the place you stay in, the possibility to be next to the most interesting places of London will vary.

In, we want to help you choose the best area for you to have an incredible trip and holidays.

West End

It is, undoubtedly, what is known as the real center of London, though the reality is that the prices of the accommodation are substantially higher than the rest of areas.

Paddington, Bayswater, and Notting Hill

These neighborhoods from London have a much more moderated price and, also, it has many of the most touristic attractions you will want to visit during your travel to the capital. One of the best aspects of these areas is that they are a lot calmer than the rest and you can avoid Piccadilly Circus.

Bloomsbury and King’s Cross

They are neighborhoods with the most interesting Victorian streets. Also, they are really calm areas and truly close to the British Museum. Moreover, the access to places as Convent Garden and Oxford Street is utterly easy to reach.


In case you have enough days as to visit the surroundings of London, we would like to suggest a series of excursions really worth going to and not very far from London if you reserve your rental car with Pepecar.


Without a doubt, the visit to Oxford is highly recommendable, for it is considered as an emblem of the United Kingdom. It has one of the most famous and important universities all over the world.

You will be able to enjoy the wonders of the city as, for example, Christ Church, where ministers and kings studied and which has been used as the setting of Harry Potter’s movies. Also, you can visit the Castle of Warwick or the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

To visit Oxford from London you will have to take your car hire for a trip of about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The road to take is the Western Ave/A40. Drive along the right part of the road to, then, continue in the A40 in the direction to the M25/Birmingham/Oxford/Beaconsfield. Once are here, take the exit 8 in the direction to Oxford/Cheltenham.


This excursion to the Neolithic Era is utterly recommendable. Stonehenge has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the main touristic points of interest all over England. The duration of the trip will be almost two hours.

It is located on Salisbury Plain, which is surrounded by rocks of about 40 tons giving this place the mystery it brings. There are several legends about the reason Stonehenge was created, though we recommend you to draw your own conclusions.

To go to Stonehenge with your rental car from London, the best option would be going in the direction of Heathrow Airport/Gatwick Airport through the M25. In this road take the exit 12 through the M3 in the direction to Southampton. Continue on this road for about 31 kilometers until reaching the exit 8 in a direction to A303 Salisbury/Andover. Finally, continue in the A303 following the instructions to get to Stonehenge.