Leicester in a car hire

Leicester is considered to be one of the ten most populated cities all over the United Kingdom. It is situated between Soar River and National Forest, in Leicestershire. Also, this wonderful university city is known for its culture, football team and the touristic offer for all prices.

For those who want to travel to this city, Pepecar put at client’s disposal a rental car comparator perfect to find the car that best meets your needs. That way, you will be able to explore the whole Leicester and its surroundings at the best price of the market.


One of the best ways to discover the whole city of Leicester is discovering which the most emblematic locations in the city are. To do that, we recommend, first, to reserve a rental car in Pepecar, and, second, to move with it all over the city with total freedom. Once you have it, you will be able to visit places as the British National Space Center, one of the most visited locations in the United Kingdom thanks to the amount of scientific and astronomic activities it has for all ages, the Cathedral of Leicester, one of the most emblematic locations in the city, the Guildhall, an old building formerly utilized as the city hall, Jewry Wall, some of the most ancient Roman ruins in England, or the Castle and Abbey of Leicester, two of the most important buildings in the city.


The best way to get to Leicester is by plane. Thanks to the fact that Leicester has its own airport, it is really easy to get to this city if you land at Leicester Airport. Also, you have other two nearby airports which can be really good options for this travel. To get to Leicester from its airport, take the road M1 and A50 and you will be at your destination in approximately 30 minutes, taking into account that the road is about 29 kilometers.

Other options are Coventry Airport and Birmingham Airport. To get from the first airport, drive along the road M69 during 45 minutes. The distance is only 40 kilometers, so it won’t be a real problem for you. In case you land at Birmingham Airport, the first thing you need to do is to pick up a rental car, previously reserved in Pepecar. Then, take the roads M6 and M69. The distance of 57 kilometers can be finished in about 50 minutes.


Thanks to the great flexibility in your schedule obtained renting a car in Leicester with Pepecar; you can visit some of the most interesting localities in the surroundings of the city.


This huge city is only 70 kilometers away from Leicester. To get to it, take the road M6 and M69 during 1 hour. Once you get to the city, don’t forget to visit Birmingham Library, the Cathedral of Saint Philips or the Church of Saint Martin.


A little bit closer than Birmingham, Coventry is truly a beautiful place you can’t miss. Locations as the Castle of Coventry, Police Museum or Lunt Fortress make it a real gem. Take the road M69 for about 45 minutes and you will be enjoying Coventry without any problem.


Known as the former Parliament of England, the Church of the Saint Sepulcher, the Church of All the Saints or the Delapré Abbey make Northampton the last location to visit near Leicester. Only 60 kilometers separate you from your destination. And, taking the road M1 during 1 hour, you can be enjoying Northampton at your fullest!