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Close to the capital of Spain, you find Alcalá de Henares, a municipality linked to the Hispanic Culture and considered as Human Heritage by UNESCO. Thanks to its massive monumental patrimony perfectly preserved, the city has obtained these distinctions. Also, the city will help you travel in time as you visit the many squares, buildings, monuments and, of course, the University of Alcalá, place where Antonio de Nebrija, Quevedo, Calderón de la Barca or Ignacio de Loyola, and many famous writers, doctors, philosophers and religious people more, have studied a long time ago.

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The origins of the city go back to the Prehistoric times when the first settlements were established in the hills of Zulema or Viso. However, the Romans preferred to build a new city in a flat extension of land, known as “Complutum”. Alcalá reached its entire splendor when the Cardinal Cisneros founded, in the XV century, the Universitas Complutensis, a name given in honor of the ancient Roman area of the city: Complutum. From that moment onwards, the city became an important cultural point in Spain and all over the world.

The city is famous because of the University of Alcalá, known as the University Complutense of Alcala at the beginning. Also, this city is known as the “City of Knowledge”, for many important famous figures of literature, religion, philosophy, and medicine were born or studied in Alcalá. The most important milestones in Spain in relation to literature and the development of the RAE belong to the city and its prestige. The most important character born in this city is Cervantes, and you can visit his house near the center of Alcala.

If you go to Alcalá, visit the Cathedral of Los Santos Niños Justo y Pastor (known as Los Santo Niños) and the first building of the University of Alcalá. Both places are very well connected thanks to the wide availability to rent a car in Alcalá de Henares and Madrid. Do not miss the Cervantes Square, a very beautiful place close to the university, the Calle Mayor, which is the principal street of the center and was built on the roman road of Complutum, and, the Hippolytus House and Complutum ruins, part of the remains of the Romans in Alcalá.

The city has many programmed touristic visits in case you want to discover everything about its history, its people, its culture: everything. You can book the Cervantes Route or the Cervantes Train and enjoy a day discovering who Cervantes was, what he did, and many more surprises. If you want to discover from end to end the city, book your rental car with Pepecar in Alcalá de Henares, and move with total freedom all over the City of Knowledge.


Alcalá has one of the most complete and tasty gastronomies all over the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The main attraction of its gastronomy is, undoubtedly, the cuisine from the Golden Century (Siglo de Oro), found in the worldwide known Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. If you go to Alcala, you will want to experiment the “Route of the Tapas”, as most of the bars and restaurants in this city offer a menu consisting on a beverage and a “free” tapa.

It is true that the gastronomy of this area is known for its traditional cuisine of Castilla. However, if there is something to be pointed out in Alcala is its confectionery. Go to a pastry shop and order some ring-shaped pastries, sugar almonds (almendras garrapiñadas) and the Costrada, made of puff pastry, almonds, eggs, vanilla, and other condiments. You will never regret tasting these ambrosial delicacies.


In Pepecar we care about our customers and want to make it easier for them to enjoy their rental car. That is why in the following paragraphs we will give you the most common ways to travel to Alcalá.

  • From Madrid – Barajas Airport: the quickest way to travel to the city of Alcala is to take the A-2. The distance between the airport and Alcala is 24 kilometers.

  • From the center of Madrid: you can take the A-2 and it will take you about 30 minutes. But, if you prefer, you can take the M-203, though it will take you a little bit more. The distance between both cities is 35 kilometers.

  • From Zaragoza: the best option to travel to Alcalá de Henares from Zaragoza is to take the A-2. The trip will take you two hours and a half approximately, as there is a distance of 282 kilometers.

  • From Valencia: traveling from Valencia will take you three hours and fifteen minutes with your rental car. Take the motorway A-3 for about 350 kilometers. Once you access the city, enjoy it!

Renting a car will always help you visit Alcalá de Henares, as well as its surroundings. From Alcalá you can go to Atocha Railway Station or Madrid – Barajas Airport without any problem. Furthermore, Pepecar offers you the best search engine service in the whole rent a car market. Take advantage of our deals and find the rental car that best meets your needs.


Even though the Autonomous Community of Madrid has many astonishing places to visit, we want to suggest three of the most beautiful places to visit near Alcalá de Henares. Take your rental car and let’s start the trip!


The territory of Arganda del Rey has always had a privileged location, as it is on the road to the Mediterranean Sea if you come from the capital of Spain. This historic municipality is full of impressive hermitages, museums, and monuments. Travelers will be amazed at its gastronomy, its traditional wine, and its extra virgin olive oil.

The distance between Arganda and Alcala is about 30 kilometers, so it will take you less than 30 minutes to access the city. Take the M-300 road or the R-3, which includes a tollbooth.  


This wonderful park was at the beginning an extension of land full of houses in ruins and abandoned buildings. Now, this park is the biggest green space in the city, as well as one of the most beautiful parks in Madrid. In this park, you will find different representations of memorable buildings, sculptures, and monuments from Europe, such as the Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge, the Fontana di Trevi and much more. It is a great opportunity to travel all over Europe in the same place. Do not miss this opportunity. Take your rental car and visit the Parque Europa in Torrejón de Ardoz. It is really worth it!

The distance between the park and Alcalá is 10 to 15 kilometers approximately, depending on the road you take. If you go through the Av. De Madrid, it will take you less than 20 minutes. And, if you go through the Av. De Madrid and, then, the M-203, it will take you about 25 minutes.


The city of Guadalajara is located at the center of the Iberian Peninsula and belongs to the Autonomous Community of Castilla – La Mancha. It is compulsory visiting its famous Pueblos de la Arquitectura Negra (Villages of Black Architecture), and historical center of Guadalajara, where you can visit the Cathedral of Guadalajara, the Government Palace and the University Square, among many other beauties.

The distance between these two astonishing places is about 30 kilometers, and, for sure, the best option to travel is with your rental car booked in Pepecar. Take the A-2 motorway, and in less than 25 minutes you will be in one of the most impressive cities from Spain.

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