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From the pinnacles of the 'petrified forest' to its famous cathedral (one of the most imposing in the history of architecture), Burgos treasures corners of timeless and serene beauty that have been enriched by the passing of the centuries and the events of history. Home to the Museum of Human Evolution, the city is witness to the beginnings of humanity, with the impressive Atapuerca Archaeological Site as an essential source for researchers and scientists.

Burgos is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Castilla y León, as it has a good number of monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. However, to fully discover its charms and its surroundings, it is best to visit by car, for which you can make use of a cheap car hire service in Burgos as offered by Pepecar, which also has very competitive prices.


Cheap car rental in Burgos


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Frequently asked questions about car rental in Burgos

Without a credit card I can't hire a car in Burgos?

At Pepecar you can make your reservation with a debit card without any problems. To collect the vehicle you must have a credit card in the driver's name as a guarantee.

How much does it cost to hire a car in Burgos?

Hiring a car in Burgos depends on different factors such as seasonality, time and type of car among others. Find your car hire in Burgos with Pepecar at the best price.

Which car hire offices are located in Burgos?

In Burgos you will be able to find different offices so that you can choose the car hire that best suits your needs. See all the offices in Burgos.

Do I need an excess to hire a car?

Yes, the excess depends directly on the supplier. At Pepecar we will inform you in the terms and conditions of what the price of the excess will be and we also offer you a fully comprehensive insurance with reimbursement of the excess for an economical price.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, although this option is subject to the cancellation policy of each provider. To find out about this cancellation policy we recommend you read the terms and conditions of the provider you have chosen.

How do I make a reservation?

It is very intuitive and easy, you only have to enter the pick-up destination of the vehicle indicating the days you want to have it rented followed by the time, if you want you can also select another destination where to deliver it. 

Can I modify my booking?

Through our website you can modify your reservation as many times as you want without any additional charge, except within 24 hours before the agreed time to deliver the car.

What documents do I need to hire a rental car?

In order to hire a rental car you will normally be required to provide the following documents:

  •  ID card or passport 
  •  Driving licence valid in Spain or Europe. 
  • Credit card in the name of the driver who made the reservation.

Excursions by car from Burgos

From Burgos you can visit the surrounding area by car in a comfortable way, finding authentic medieval gems just a short distance from the capital. Thanks to Pepecar's car hire offers in Burgos, you won't have any problems when it comes to finding the model of car you like best.



Iglesia en Caleruega

This small medieval village is about 80 kilometres from Burgos. The road to get there is the A1.

Some of the highlights of Caleruega are the church of San Sebastián, El Convento de Santo Domingo de Guzmán.


Colegiata de San Pedro en Lerna

This town has influences from both the Kingdom of León and the Kingdom of Aragon. You will love strolling through its ancient streets and contemplating the façades of many of the palaces that in ancient times were inhabited by the highest nobility of the time. If there is one thing that stands out about Lerma, it is undoubtedly its Ducal Palace and the Plaza Mayor (main square) where it is located.

To get to Lerma you must take the A1 and in just 25 minutes you will have arrived.

Poza de la Sal

Poza de la Sal

This small town in Burgos is one of the wonders of the area. So much so that it was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1982. Poza de la Sal perfectly reflects what is meant by a medieval village. Apart from the important salt resources that gave it its name, you cannot miss its church of Saints Cosme and Damián, its old square or the town hall.

The distance is approximately 45 minutes on the BU-V-5021.

Motorways, dual carriageways and roads in Burgos

To get around the province of Burgos you may have to drive along some of these roads and motorways in your hire car:

How to find us

The most convenient way to get to Burgos is by car, as the city is perfectly connected by road from the main points of the Peninsula. However, another option is to land at the airport and from there hire a good car hire service in Burgos, as we have that possibility in the vicinity of the airport itself, which in turn is located about 4 kilometres from the city centre.

Here are some of the main roads that you should take from different points in Spain:


From Madrid: It takes about two and a half hours to get to Burgos on the A1.


From Valencia: The distance between both cities is approximately 587 kilometres so it takes about 5 hours and twenty to get there. The roads to take are the A3 and then take the A1.


From Seville: 705 kilometres separate Burgos from Seville. About 6 and a half hours on the A66 and A62.


From Santiago: The roads to take are the A6 and the A231. It will take you approximately 5 hours to get there.

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To move around Burgos and make gastronomic routes through one of the most delicious culinary sources in Spain, rent your car with the Pepecar search engine, you will see how you can find very interesting offers so that your vehicle is very cheap and you can enjoy your trip much more.

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