Car Hire Airport Fiumicino – Rome

Fiumicino Airport (Aeroporto Internazionale Leonardo da Vinci ) is one of the two airport located near Rome, indeed is located 31 kilometers far from the city center of the “Eternal City”.  It’s the airport with most traffic of passengers in Italy with more than 40 million passengers per year, which is the double of Milan – Malpensa (almost 20 million of passengers). This is because it’s not just one of the most important airports present in the central and south area of Italy, but also for all the international flights which are increasing during the years.

So it’s connected really well to all Italy, where the most flights go to or/and are from Milan – Linate, Turin, Venice, Catania, Cagliari and Palermo, also to all Europe and the most frequent flits are from/to Madrid- Barajas, Barcelona, Paris, London and Frankfurt, but most important connected to all the World specially with Dubai, Buenos Aires, Atlanta, New York, Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv. If you are one of these visitors from all over the world or you want to reach the airport in a really easy and simple way, the best solution is to use the service of car hire of Pepecar which with its search engine will help you to find the best solution for all you needs.

The airport is commonly called Fiumicino, due to the localization in this homonym town near Rome. Actually the real name is Aeroporto Internazional Leonardo da Vinci, dedicated to the famous Italian scientist, engineer and painter.

This airport has already 56 years of story, in fact it was inaugurated on the August 20 of 1960 but only one year later started to work efficiently, all the air companies were moving from Ciampino Airport (the other one of Rome) to new Fiumicino Airport. It was built due to the need of a bigger and more efficient airport next to the capital of Italy. During the years is always getting more innovated and bigger, in December 2016 was opened a new area big 90’000 square meters.

Fiumicino Airport has 4 terminals, with a total of 105 gates! Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are all in the same structure while terminal 5 is in another one but really well connected to the others. You can find all the most important services in all the terminals such as the Wi-Fi, Luggage wrapping, Luggage store, Showers, Lounges, ATMs, Shops, Duty Free shops, Chapel, Currency Exchange, Area for the kids. Like in every airports is present the Information Desk but more important a lot of Restaurants and Bars, some of them are also open 24/7!

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Here you find a few suggestions to how to reach, with your car that you rent with Pepecar, the Fiumicino Airport from some of the cities near it.

  • From Rome: If you just arrived from a long travel and you are tired and full of baggage, the best option is to use the service of car hire at Fiumicino Airport of Pepecar so you are free to reach your accommodation in just 40minutes. It’s really easy, follow the direction to take the A91 in direction Via Giorgio Cayley/Fiumicino. Take the exit Ostia-Fiumicino/Long Term/Lunga Sosta and then follow the streets Via Giorgio Cayley and the Via Leonardo da Vinci until you’ll find the Fiumicino Airport. It’s just 31,1 Kilometers with tolls.
  • From Ciampino Airport – Rome: the two airports of Rome are quite far from each other, 33 km. From Ciampino Airport taking the streets A90/E80 and the A91, you’ll reach Fiumicino Airport in 26 minutes. The best way to move from one to the other airport is to rent a car with Pepecar.
  • From Florence: the distance between Florence and Fiumicino Airport is 304 kilometers. It’s more than 3 hours with your car rental taking the highway A1/E35 in direction Via Giorgio Cayley/Fiumicino with tolls.
  • From Naples: if you are back from your trip to the beautiful south the best way to reach Fiumicino airport is to rent a car in Naples and give it back directly to the airport. Taking the highway A1 E35 in direction Via Giorgio Cayley/Fiumicino with tolls, you’ll arrive in just 2 hours and 27 minutes, indeed the distance is 243 km.

Remember that you can use the service of car hire of Pepecar in all Italy, and specially is present in the Fiumicino Airport. It’s the best choice to choose to rent a car, for visiting all the beautiful little cities.