Car Hire at Bergamo Airport

Bergamo Airport - Orio al Serio International Airport - can be considered the third airport of Milan, due to the nearness to this city. It is located 15 kilometers from the city center of Milan and just 6,5 kilometers from Bergamo.

Even if it could seem quite small as an airport every year more than 10 million of passengers arrive here, not only from Europe, but also from all over the world. Most of the flights and passengers arrive and go not only from Italy like Bari, Catania, Trapani, Palermo, but also from the Spanish capital, Madrid, more over from Barcelona, London, Brussels and Paris.  This airport is really famous in all Europe, because most of the low cost flights arrive here and not in the other two airports of Milan, Malpensa and Linate. Arriving to the airport, the best solution to reach other cities of Italy is to use the car rental of Pepecar, which has a search engine that can help you to find the best solutions and best car hire for making your holiday perfect and visit all the beautiful cities of Italy that you want.

Orio al Serio airport was in the top ten as one of the best low cost airport of World Airport Awards in 2014.  In the 2015 Milano hosted the Expo and this was a huge opportunity for the airport, which caught the occasion and decided to get better and bigger. In fact, they were built 5000 square meters and two new gates more.

This airport is working since 1937, for military reasons, and in 1970 it was born the Society of Civil Airport of Bergamo- Orio al Serio. Only one year later, it started working efficiently. In the first years, the cooperation with the military aeronautic helped not only from the technical side, but also for security features. At the beginnings of the 90s, it started growing not only dimensionally, but also from the innovations. The most important years of its history are at the beginning of the XXI century, when the low-cost arrives in Orio al Serio Airport and this is only the beginning of a big growth.

Bergamo Airport has one terminal where are available a lot of services for all the travelers such as restaurants, fashions shops, duty shops, luggage storage, luggage wrapping, ATMs but also relax areas. Most important, really close to the airport, actually in front of it, there is the famous shopping center Oriocenter. For reaching the shopping center, but also the cities near the airport, the best solution is to go to and use our search engine to find the cheap car hire that you want, based on your preferences. Thanks to the best prices of car rental and big amount of offers are available for you.

In all the airport there is a service of Wi-Fi, and also banks, lost and found office, pharmacy, church, tourist office. All these services can be really easily reached due to the smallness of this airport. But, it’s so efficient that you’ll almost never have problems of lines. 



From Bergamo Airport you could visit a few cities next to it, just deciding to rent a car with which can help you to move really easily and fast. But, most importantly, you can choose your timetable without any problem, which could be restricted from the public transportation which is not so efficient. Thanks to Pepecar, you can use our search engine for car hire at Bergamo Airport and find the best deal with the perfect features for you.

  • From Milan: the fastest and cheapest way to arrive to the Bergamo Airport from Milano is taking the A4 (with toll). It’s just 54 kilometers away and it will take you 1 hour of travel with your car rental of Pepecar.
  • From Bergamo: the distance between Bergamo city center and the airport is just 4 kilometers taking the street SS591 (without tolls).
  • From Milan Airport Linate: this two airports are quite close, just 50km, and the best option is to rent a car with Pepecar to move really easily, especially if you have a lot of luggage, and, most importantly, taking into account that the public transportations are not the best. From Viale Enrico Forlanini, you can take A51 with the direction Aeroporto Orio al Serio, take the exit E64 to Torino/Venezia and go to A4 then exit with the direction of Bergamo, until the traffic circle where you take the exit Aeroporto Orio al Serio, enter in  SS671 and take the exit Aeroporto Orio al Serio.
  • From Milan Airport Malpensa: from this airport is a little bit longer due to the distance but taking your car of Pepecar will be really easy following the directions. The distance from Malpensa Airport to Bergamo Airport is 93 kilometers. Taking the SS336, A8 AND A4/E64 with direction Bergamo it will take you a little bit more than 1 hour.
  • From Verona: from Verona to the airport there are just 117 kilometers. So taking the A4, with toll, it will take you 1 hour and 15 minutes from the city of Romeo and Juliet to Orio al Serio Airport using your car rental of
  • From Turin: the distance between Turin and Orio al Serio Airport is 183 km. Going out from Corso Vercelli, taking the second exit(A4/E64) at the traffic circle with direction A4/A5/A32. Taking the A4 with direction Milano/Ivrea/Aosta then the exit Bergamo and continue in this way, until the traffic circle where you take the exit Lovere/Cremona/Aeroporto Orio al Serio/Crema/Piacenza, enter in  SS671 and take the exit Aeroporto Orio al Serio/Crema/Piacenza.
  •  From Genoa: from the sea city Genoa there are 2h 16minutes to reach Bergamo Airport. Taking the street A7, A51 and A4/E64 with tolls it will take you 201 kilometers to arrive to the airport.
  • From Bologna: from Bologna to Orio al Serio Airport the distance is 242 kilometers. Taking A14, A1, A22 and A4 it will take you 2 hours and half to reach the airport with your car rental of Pepecar.


Address: Grassobbio (BG), 24050 ITALY Via Orio al Serio 49/51,

Telephone: 0 35 326 323

Opening Hours: 24/7