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Alghero is a truly small city from the northwestern part of the Italian island of Sardinia. It is a beautiful fishers’ town which will make you travel to the Middle Ages thanks to its big walls, preserved in perfect condition even today. Alghero is the perfect city to discover the history and culture of the island if you are in Sardinia. This city is not too far from Cagliari, so, once you have visited completely the astonishing Alghero, you can pay a visit to the capital of the island.

One of the most recommendable options you have to explore the whole island is utilizing the service of rental car from Pepecar, as it will allow you to move with total freedom and without time restrictions. Visiting Alghero and its surroundings has never been so easy. It will be as simple as choosing one of the models with offer you in our search engine and pick you rental car in the airport you land in.




It is unquestionable that the beauty of Alghero is known all over the world. It can be seen in the huge affluence of travelers, especially during summer, when thousands of people spend their holidays in this incredible city. Of course, we want you to enjoy as many of the most beautiful places in the city and its surroundings as possible. Therefore, we recommend you to reserve a rental car in Alghero to move with total freedom. Some of the main points to discover in the city are:

  • Saint John Tower Museum, where you will discover the wonderful history of the entire city.
  • Diocesan Museum, for those who love Medieval and Renaissance art.
  • The Towers and Walls of Alghero, which really have some impressive sights.
  • Saint Mary Cathedral, whose Bell Towers is, simply, astounding, and is located at the principal square of the city.
  • Humbert Street, a real gem for those who love medieval art where one can find the Doria House with its incredible gothic windows.
  • Saint Francesco Cloister built in the convent of the city and with such impressive sights.
  • Alghero Port, full of terraces and bars to enjoy great food, with a really good environment and some of the best sights of the city next to the see.

All these places are of an incomparable beauty. But, to discover and enjoy all the beaches along the city, a rental car in Alghero is your best ally. It won’t only allow you to know the city, but also, the whole western coast of Sardinia.


Alghero have the advantage of counting with the services of one of the most transited airports in Sardinia. This airport is known as Alghero-Fertilia Airport and is located at northwestern part of Sardinia. If you prefer, you can also land in the Olbia Airport or, directly, in Cagliari Airport. Whichever you decide to get to Alghero, there’s nothing better than having the possibility to move with total freedom and without time restrictions. Does it sound good for you? Reserve your rental car now and take advantage of the many deals we offer you in Alghero.

  • From Alghero Airport: the majority of the flights to the island served by Ryanair come to this airport. So you will find tons of deals to travel to Sardinia. The distance between the airport and Alghero is about 10 kilometers. To access the city as fast as possible, take the roads SP44 and SS291dir, as they won’t take you more than 20 minutes.
  • From Olbia Airport: take your rental car and go through the E840 to get to your destination in less than 1 hour and 40 minutes. The distance separating both places is about 140 kilometers. If you don’t care about the time, you can also take the roads E840 and SS131bis, tough it’ll take you about 2 hours.
  • From Cagliari Airport: this is not precisely the most common way to get to Alghero. However, as this airport serves to the capital of the island, it is a reality that there might be twice as flights as in the other two aforementioned airports. So, if you land here, take the road E25 in direction to the northwest and in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes you will be enjoying your dream destination.



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Alghero is not only one of the best places you can visit all over the island, but, the entire Sardinia is worth paying a visit. That’s the reason why we would like to show you some really good routes to do with your rental car. Of course, these are only some of the closest areas you can visit. So, if you are going to spend a week or so, don’t hesitate to visit the whole island.


Only 46 kilometers away and 50 minutes of voyage from Alghero you can find the town of Bosa. One of the obligatory visits in these areas is about 2 kilometers away from the historic center of the city: its most incredible fine sand beach. Another obligatory visit could be going to the highest part of the Bosa Mount, with, probably, one of the best panoramic views you’ll ever see. From Bosa you can see the Temo River and its 7 navigable kilometers of water. For those who love visiting museums, don’t miss the Museo Delle   Concie, the Atza Gallery Art or the Deriu House Gallery Art and Museum. And, of course, you must visit the Most Holy Virgin Mary Immaculate Co-cathedral


The first stop recommended from Alghero is about 1 hour and 7 minutes going through the SS291var and taking the exit to Porto Bello. Once you get to Castelsardo, you will discover that this small town is known for its baskets made with natural vegetal fibres. But, if you want to know the place in depth, visit Saint Anthony Cathedral, Nostra Signora di Tergu Churhc, the Diocesan Museum and, for sure, its wonderful beaches along its entire coast.


Once you have completely visited Castelsardo, the next stop will be the astonishing Santa Teresa di Gallura. To get to this place, you have to know that it’ll take 1 hour if you go through the SP90, as the distance is approximately 72 kilometersSanta Teresa di Gallura is famous for its surrounding natural landscape: crystal-clear beaches and coves where taking a bath is a unique experience. It is true that there aren’t monuments of great importance, but scrolling aroung the Emmanuel II Square will be, at least, a comfortable and pleasing experience.


Undoubtedly, we recommend you to visit the city of Olbia. To get to Olbia you will need to take the SS133bis and the SS125. The distance is about 60 kilometers and with duration of 1 hour if you go with your rental car from Santa Teresa di Gallura. The atmosphere and landscape surrounding the city of Olbia is, simply, incomparable. It is located really close to the Emerald Coast, which is considered as the most beautiful coast from Sardinia and one of the most beautiful ones all over the world. Moreover, Olbia has one of the most transited airports in the island, which has made the city to grow in the last few decades. Once in Olbia, don’t miss the Giants Tomb or the Saint Simplicio Basilica.