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A saloon car is a passenger car with a body style in which the boot cover isn’t made of glass –it’s separated from the other compartments.

A saloon car is normally for 4-5 passengers. It has 4-5 doors and 4 windows passengers can put up or down.

We recommend you to rent saloon cars for long distances, trips with the family or several friends, in which comfort and plenty of space are needed.

Its main advantages are its spacious seats both in the front and the back that make trips comfortable even when there are 5 passengers on board.

Saloon cars adapt well to bumps and uneven terrains, although they’re not so great for sharp bends. As a consequence of the high demand for comfortable sports cars, saloon cars with engines with more than 200-300 HP are becoming increasingly popular.

Examples of saloon cars you can rent with Pepecar: Citroën C5, Peugeot 508, BMW 1 Series, BMW 3 Series, Dacia Sandero, Opel Insignia, Audi A4, etc. Use our search engine to find the best saloon car deals thanks to Pepecar.

Pepecar offers you a wide range of vehicles so you can choose the one that adapts to your needs –from compact cars to vans and special vehicles: