Car hire in Alcorcon

Less than 15 kilometres from Madrid, its ideal location has made Alcorcón one of the favourite destinations for tourist accommodation –so close to the Spanish capital. By renting a cheap hire car to move between these two points, they can spare themselves the big-city bustle.

Alcorcón is perfectly communicated not only with Madrid but also with the main towns in the Community. It’s always been famous for the top quality of its pottery. In fact, during the 20th century, potters from Alcorcón were the ones responsible for providing the King’s house with crockery and pottery.

The city origins date back to the reign of the Catholic Kings, who expelled a group of Muslims from Madrid. They found in Alcorcón a good place to settle down going unnoticed. This way, they could still continue with their craftwork, as muds in the area were high quality.

Clay jugs from Alcorcón have been exported all over the world. Nowadays, some interesting souvenirs reminding us of that golden age can still be found in the city.

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