Car hire in Toledo

Toledo is located in the Autonomous Community of Castile-La Mancha, so close to the capital of Spain that you can almost reach the city in an hour. Also, Toledo belongs to the Province of Toledo, and it is the capital of both the autonomous community and the province. To the right of Toledo you will see the Tagus River. This beautiful city is considered a Human Heritage Place from 1986 by UNESCO.

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Toledo is known as The Imperial City, as it was the principal headquarter of both the Court of Castile and the Court of the King Charles I since the Middle Ages. Also, it is known as the City of Three Cultures, due to the fact that, during many centuries, Toledo was inhabited by Christians, Jews and Muslims at the same time. Its origins date back to the Bronze Era as it was a center of the Carpathians, until the Roman Empire conquered the city. Germanic tribes, Muslims and Christians have conquered Toledo during many years. Germanic tribes established Toledo as headquarter of the church during the Visigoth Reign. Muslims transformed the city into the independent Taifa of Toledo.

From the conquest of Toledo by Alfonso VI and, above all, thanks to the period the Catholic Monarchs reigned over the city, Toledo was established as capital of Spain during many years, until the Royal Court moved to Madrid. After many years of conflicts in this areas and, more concretely, about 50 years after the Spanish Civil War, Toledo became the capital of the Autonomous Community of Castile-La Mancha in 1983. Nowadays, Toledo has become, thanks to its history and monuments, one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Spain and Europe.

This wonderful city with a deep craft tradition is the ideal place to buy knives, swords, leather goods, pottery and glass-made products. However, this is not the only aspect to be enjoyed in Toledo. One of its major characteristics is, undoubtedly, the city’s delicious typical-from-Castile-La Mancha gastronomy. This type of gastronomy is based on game meats and traditional shepherding dishes, so the dishes will be made of natural products. Also, taking into account the confluence of Muslims, Jews and Christians during many centuries, there is still alive some of the traditions of these ethnic groups. Among hundreds of delicious dishes in Toledo, you will find roast lamb or stew of lamb, the cochifrito, a typical shepherding dish from Toledo made of lamb or pork, stewed partridge or partridge with beans, the migas, another typical shepherding dish made of bread and game meat, or the mazapán of Toledo (marzipan of Toledo).

Apart from the gastronomy and the craftwork, what really make famous the city of Toledo are its monuments. If you want to discover this historical city in depth, renting a car in Toledo will help you to explore places as incredible as the Castle of San Servando, of medieval origins and close to the Tagus River, the Synagogue of El Tránsito (Transit), which is in the Jewish neighborhood and has inside the Sephardi Museum, or the Alcazar of Toledo, of Roman, Muslim and Christian origins, it is located in the highest place of the city and it has been the principal palace of different kingdoms established once in Toledo.


There are many roads to access Toledo. That is why, from Pepecar, we want to recommend you some of the most interesting options from several destinations all over Spain. To do that, the best option is to book a rental car either in Madrid, Caceres, Valencia or Seville to star this wonderful adventure to Toledo and its surroundings.


From Madrid: this is the shorter and most common place to start the adventure. The distance between both cities is about 72 kilometers, so it will never take you more than an hour. Take the road A-42 and, if there is not any traffic, it will take you even less than an hour. Another option to travel from Madrid to Toledo is by train. Before arriving in Toledo, we recommend that you have booked a rental car in Toledo Railway Station if you want to enjoy this wonderful medieval city at its fullest.  


From Caceres: this route is not so common, though it is the second shortest one. The distance between both cities is approximately 260 kilometers, so you will arrive in Toledo in less than two hours and a half. To access this capital, take the road A-5. It is so easy that you will never get lost if you follow the indications.


From Valencia: this third option, proposed by Pepecar, is not the longest, nor the shortest. The distance between Valencia and Toledo is approximately 370 kilometers, so the trip is a little bit longer than the other two. However, it will take you less than four hours to access Toledo. Take your rental car and go through the A-3.


From Seville: finally, the distance between Seville and Toledo is approximately 500 kilometers. Even though it might sound a little bit too much, the trip is truly worth it, as you will go over the Ruta de la Plata (Silver Route), one of the most beautiful ones in Spain. Booking a rental car in Seville an taking the A-66 and the A-5 will enable you to access Toledo in less than four hours and a half.



This small municipality belongs to the Province of Toledo. It is one of the most interesting villages to visit in this area. Proof of this can be found in such beautiful places as the parochial church San Esteban Promartir, which was done by Diego Hernandez de Oruña and with a truly wonderful architecture, or the Hermitage of Vera Cruz, built in the 15th century and remodeled several times through history.

The distance between Toledo and Mocejon is about 15 kilometers, so it will take you less than 20 minutes to arrive at your desired destination. Take the road TO-22 to arrive in Mocejon.


This city from the Province of Toledo is one of the most emblematic locations all over the Autonomous Community of Castile-La Mancha. Here, we recommend that you visit such incredible places as the Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Prado, which was titled basilica by the Pope John Paul II, the Door of Seville, situated in the second precinct of the fortress, or the Albarranas Walls and Towers, which was the first fortressed place in the city and was built by Muslims and Christians.

The distance between Toledo and Talavera de la Reina is about 80 kilometers, so, booking a rental car in Toledo and taking the A-40 first and the A-5 then you will access the city in less than an hour.


This city from the Province of Ciudad Real belongs to Castile-La Mancha. It was also known as the Free City or the Free City of La Mancha. This place is full of beautiful spots awaiting you to enjoy them thanks to your rental car. Among the many emblematic places of Ciudad Real, you cannot miss the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora del Prado, which was once a Romanesque hermitage and is the only one in Spain with only one nave, the Door of Toledo, declared National Monument, it has been recently remodeled, or the Archeological Park of Alarcos, where you can find the Hermitage of Alarcos, an area with ruins of the medieval castle of the city, destroyed after the Battle of Alarcos.

The distance between Toledo and Ciudad Real is approximately 120 kilometers, so with your rental car it will take you no more than an hour and a half. Take the N-401 to access Ciudad Real.


Enjoy Toledo and its nearby areas in your Pepecar rental car. Use our rental car comparison tool and take advantage of the best deals. Move with total freedom anywhere and everywhere, and take advantage of the possibility of picking up and returning your hire car either in Toledo or in the surrounding locations, such as:

  • Talavera de la Reina
  • Toledo
  • Illescas
  • Seseña
  • Torrijos
  • Quintanar de la Orden
  • Sonseca
  • Fuensalida
  • Ocaña
  • Madridejos
  • Consuegra
  • Mora
  • Villacañas
  • Bargas


These are some of the main roads in Toledo. You might need to drive along many of them if you rent a car to travel from Toledo to some of the most interesting sights in the surrounding areas.

  • AP – 36 Ocaña – La Roda, de peaje
  • AP – 41 Madrid – Toledo – Córdoba, de peaje
  • R – 4 Madrid – Ocaña, de peaje
  • A – 4 Sur
  • A – 40 Maqueda – Toledo – Cuenca – Teruel
  • A – 42 Toledo
  • A – 5 Suroeste
  • TO – 21 Acceso Oeste a Toledo
  • TO – 22 Acceso Oeste a Toledo
  • CM – 40 Ronda Suroeste 23,4
  • CM – 41 Avenida de la Sagra. Tramo I
  • CM – 42 Autovía de los Viñedos
  • CM – 43 Avenida de la Sagra. Tramo II. Ramal I
  • N – 502 Ávila a Córdoba
  • TO – 20 Circunvalación de Toledo
  • TO – 23 Acceso Este a Toledo


Here you are some of the tourist offices in the cities of Toledo and Talavera, in case you need some more information when travelling in your Pepecar hire car.

Municipal Tourism Office in Toledo Railway Station. Railway Station of Toledo. Paseo de la Rosa, n/n. 45006 Toledo
Tourism Office in Talavera de la Reina. Cañillo Round, 22. 45600 Talavera de la Reina - Toledo
Tourism Office in Toledo – Consistorio. Consistorio Square, 1. 45071 Toledo

You can also book your rental car in any of the following destinations related to the city of Toledo.

  • Albacete
  • Ciudad Real
  • Cuenca
  • Guadalajara
  • Madrid

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