Rental car in the City of Westminster

Have you ever thought about going to the United Kingdom to visit the astonishing City of Westminster? Pepecar puts at the disposal of its clients the best rental car deals to reserve a vehicle perfect to move around this wonderful locality at your own pace.

The City of Westminster, located in the center of the metropolitan area of London, at the north of the impressive Thames River, surrounding by Chelsea and Kensington neighborhoods, is one of the most important and famous cities from the entire United Kingdom. Known as the religious and political heart of the country, Westminster is a must-see visit, at least, once in a lifetime. Also, the city has become one of the most touristic points in the entire United Kingdom and Europe.

It is impossible to go to London without visiting Westminster. This city is part of the history, the culture, the beauty, the greatness, and the economy of the country. If you want to visit this beautiful city, we recommend entering our rental car site and get a vehicle that allows you to move all over the city and its surroundings.


It would be impossible to see all Westminster has in store without any kind of transport. From Pepecar, we recommend utilizing our rental car comparator to ensure a good, beautiful, and low-cost vehicle. Once you have it, don’t forget to pay a visit to locations as beautiful as Westminster Abbey, Westminster Palace, Buckingham Palace, Saint James Palace, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Saint James Park, and the incomparable Big Ben.


Fortunately, the capital of the United Kingdom has more than 5 different airports you can land at to get to the astonishing city of Westminster. From all of them, we suggest landing at Heathrow, City Airport, and Luton. Even though Gatwick is always a good option, it is a little bit farther away from Westminster than the rest. The best way to access the city is a vehicle that allows you freedom of movement and freedom to decide when to go where. To do this, we work with the best rental car companies in London. So, once you arrive at any of the airports, pick up the vehicle and start your journey to get to your destination.

  • From London City Airport

To be able to get to your destination from this airport, you will have to drive through the roads A1203 and A3211 in the direction to the west. The approximate distance is 15 kilometers, and, taking into account you have to pay a toll, the 34 minutes this trip will take you are insignificant.

  • From Heathrow Airport

There are three main routes to access your destination from this airport. The first one will take you through the roads M4 and A4. The trip will be of about 31 kilometers and, even though you have to pay a toll, the estimated time to arrive at Westminster is only 40 minutes. The second one will be through the roads Great West Rd/A4 and A4. Although this trip is only 24 kilometers, you will get to Westminster in about 50 minutes. Finally, you can drive along the road A316 for about 42 kilometers. It will take you up to 55 minutes.

  • From Luton Airport

In spite of the fact that this is the farthest airport from the three we have mentioned, it is, also, a really good option to access Westminster. From here, with your rental car, you can take any of the following three really easy-to-follow routes. The first route is the road M1. The trip will be of 55 kilometers and about 1 hour. The second route is about 74 kilometers, and, even though you have to take the roads M25 and A40, it will only take you 1 hour and 8 minutes. The third route is about 78 kilometers along the road M25. The estimated time of arrival is 1 hour and 11 minutes.


After having enjoyed several days, or an entire week, in the City of Westminster, we recommend taking the vehicle you have reserved through our rental car website and making a trip to the cities of Reading and Northampton. There might not be the most touristic cities all over the country, but they are really such incomparably beautiful location.


Take your car hired and drive along the road M4 in the direction to the west to get to the astonishing city of Reading. The trip will be of 67 kilometers, and the estimated time of arrival about 1 hour and 9 minutes. If you prefer, you can take the roads A40 and M4, though the 73 kilometers to be covered will take you up to 1 hour and 19 minutes. Don’t forget to visit locations as incredible as City Museum, Caversham Court Gardens, Zoology Museum of Cole, Reading Prison, English Rural Life Museum, Reading Abbey, and Saint James Church.


To get to this incredible English city of Northampton, we recommend taking the road M1 in the direction to the northwest during about 109 kilometers and around 1 hour and 45 minutes of the trip. The most famous place of this city is, undoubtedly, Silverstone. However, apart from that place, you can pay a visit to Althorp House, Boughton House, Broughton Castle, Canons Ashby House, Deene Park, Elton Hall, Rockingham Castle, Towcester Museum, Abington Park Museum, Cotswold Wildlife Park, and Woburn Safari Park.