Car rental Paris-Beauvais Airport

The Paris-Beauvais Airport is located 85 kilometers from the north-northwest of Paris and represents the 10th largest airport in France. The airport assists more than 60 destinations in 20 different countries, and new routes are frequently added. For instance, it is significant the fact that Beauvais is now connected to Palermo (Italy), Debrecen (Hungary) and Iasi (Romania). The development of new flights has been accompanied by a great progress of the airport, giving passengers the best possible service quality. In fact, it works steadily for an appropriate flow of travelers and the efficiency of the time they spend in the airport’s structure. In this airport you can rent a car which meets your needs.




Paris-Beauvais Airport was built in the 1930s and set as a Luftwaffe military hangar during the Second World War. After the liberation, the Americans got authority of the airport. In 1950, Beauvais became a NATO Emergency airfield, under the jurisdiction of The French Air Force. A few years later, the airport turned into a civil airport for commercial use, through new investments for the development of new facilities.


From the Beauvais Airport you can reach, thanks to your car hire, the city of Paris through the road A16, which will take 79 kilometers and roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes. On the other hand, you can follow two different routes: A15 and A16, long 90 kilometers and 1 hour and 40 minutes of journey, or A1N31for 103 kilometers and 1 hour and 45 minutes. Our rental car service is here to help you to plan your trip!

Alternative destinations are Beauvais Cathedral, Marcel Dassault Park, MUDO - Oise Museum, Parc Saint Paul Park, and Saint Etienne Church. Finally, you could also decide to visit Versailles through the Boulevard Périphérique A13 in just 45 minutes for 23 kilometers. To visit these beautiful places you may need to rent a car on Pepecar!


Fly to more than 60 destinations, according to your needs and wants, budget and lifestyle.  For instance:

  • Italy (Venice-Treviso, Pisa, Palermo, Milano Bergamo, Bologna and Bari);
  • Moldova;
  • Romania;
  • Greece;
  • Hungary;
  • Ireland;
  • Portugal;
  • Spain (Madrid, Alicante, Valencia, Tenerife, Barcelona, Sevilla and Malaga;
  • Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Sevilla, Tenerife, Valencia);
  • United Kingdom.

You can rent a car and enjoy your freedom, thanks to our website Pepecar, and in the meantime living the real journey experience with your wonderful car of our rental car service directly from the airport!


The Paris-Beauvais Airport has two terminals, where you can find our Pepecar service of rental car. Different bars, restaurants and some shopping areas will be useful facilities for your journey. A new control tower is under construction and will be ready by the end of the year. But most importantly, do you have to work or just connect on Internet?  Paris Beauvais Airport has a free Wifi service and a fantastic VIP area to boost your comfort.  To do that, just connect to the network Free Wifi Beauvais Airport” and surf without limits!  Do you need a hotel close to airport? Check it out to the Tourism Information Desk at the Airport. Furthermore, the Parking office at the Terminal 2 is available to park your own car.


The Paris-Beauvais Airport contacts are:

Beauvais-Tillé Airport , 60004 Beauvais Cadex, CS 20442

Telephone: 089 268 206 6