What sizes of van choose depending on the type of removal or relocation

Do you need to rent a van but you have doubts about that size choose? You're in the right page!

Face a removal is itself quite stressful as to in addition to tuck into the head to choose the most suitable size of van for a removal.

In pepecar.com you can find vans among our collaborators mainly from these sizes:

Small vans with a capacity of approximately: 3m3 ó 4m3

Medium Vans with a capacity of: 5 m3 a 7m3         

Large vans: for a volume between 8 m3 y 12m3

Enormous vans with volumes from: 12 m3


You might be wondering: What kinds of van choose? Which size of van I am most interested in?

Depending on what you would like to carry or the type of move we recommend:

Models of such vans: Citroën Jumpy 5m3, Citroën Yumper 3m3 or similar.


Models of such vans: Iveco Daily 20 m3 or similar.