Sunderland in rental car

Sunderland is one of the most beautiful cities from the coast of the United Kingdom. It is situated between Wear River and the area of the Tyne. Thanks to its geographical location, this city has become one of the main and most important commercial ports in England.

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The heritage of this impressive commercial city is worth exploring and enjoying calmly. In fact, Sunderland is the perfect place to enjoy the coast if you like it. But, if you prefer visiting some of the most emblematic locations of the city to deepen on the history of the destination, don’t miss the sights of Wearmouth Bridge, one of the most symbolic and important places of the city, National Glass Center, one of the most touristic places of Sunderland, Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, a place to discover some unique reptile species, Penshaw Monument, a monument honoring John Lambton, and Hylton Castle, one of the most impressive fortifications from the northeast of England.




There are different ways to get to the beautiful city of Sunderland. In fact, many tourists choose the possibility to get to this destination by plane, and, then, by reserving a rental car with Pepecar to ensure their absolute freedom of movement.

From Newcastle Airport take the road A1 to get to Sunderland with your rented car. The distance is about 36 kilometers, which means that the trip won’t take you more than 40 minutes.  Another option from this airport could be driving through the road A184, though it may take you up to 45 minutes.

From Durham Airport you have two main options. The preferred one is going through the roads A1 and A690 during 55 minutes and 55 kilometers. The other option is taking the road A19 for 1 hour and 5 minutes.

From Leeds-Bradford Airport we recommend taking the road A19, for the 140 kilometers to be covered can be driven through in less than 1 hour and 50 minutes.


We would like to recommend some short trips you can make from Sunderland thanks to the rental car reserved in Pepecar.


Newcastle upon Tyne, simply known as Newcastle, is situated in the old region of Northumbria. Today, the city belongs to the country of Tyne and Wear. Among the many locations worth exploring, Castle Keep, Gateshead, Grey Street, Discovery Museum, Newcastle Cathedral and Ravensworth Castle are some of the must-sees. To get to Newcastle, take the road A184 from Sunderland. The trip will be of 25 kilometers and will take you up to 35 minutes.


This historic city is located in the county of Durham, in the northeast of England. It is surrounded by Sunderland and Newcastle and is known as one of the most important pilgrimage centers of the country. In Durham, you can enjoy the sights of locations as Durham Cathedral, Durham Castle, Palace Green, Finchale Abbey, St. Giles Church, Botanical Garden of the University of Durham and Oriental Museum of the University of Durham. The distance to access Durham is about 20 kilometers. Drive through the road A690 and you will be at your destination in about 40 minutes.


The astonishing city of Middlesbrough is situated in the county of Yorkshire. Known as one of the most important industrial cities of the country, here you can discover places as Saint Mary Cathedral, Natural Reserve Saltholme, Dorman Museum, Albert Park, Newham Grange Farm, Fairy Dell or Captain Cook Museum. Take the road A19 in direction to the southeast and you will be in Middlesbrough in less than 50 minutes, for the distance is only 50 kilometers.