Rent a car in Northampton

There is nothing better as having the possibility to rent a car in Pepecar to explore, discover and enjoy the astonishing city of Northampton. Get your car now!

Northampton is a wonderful city from the United Kingdom located in the heart of England. Considered as one of the best cities to start a new business, Northampton is truly famous all over the world, especially because of Silverstone. The City weaves together the most rural tradition with its cotton fields with some of the most modern attractions all over the country. Northampton is one of the locations with the best sights in the entire England. As many locals would say, Northampton is a place for all.

The closeness of this marvelous city with some of the most important capitals from the United Kingdom, plus its speed track and its huge touristic offer, makes Northampton the perfect place to visit. If you want to fully enjoy this location, go to the rental car website of Pepecar and reserve the vehicle that best meets your needs.


This city has always been linked to the nobility of the country, so part of the history, culture, and architecture is of great beauty. Northampton has some of the gardens and houses in better conditions all over the country. If you want to have a unique and unforgettable experience in this beautiful city, the first thing you need to do is go and pick up the vehicle in any of the car hire offices we put at your disposal in Northampton. The next step would be making a visit to places of such wonder as Althorp House, Barnwell Country Park, Boddington Reservoir, Boughton House, Canons Ashby House, Coton Manor Garden, Deene Park, Elton Hall, and Rockingham Castle.

Moreover, thanks to the rental car deals we put at your disposal, getting to Silverstone won’t take you a lot of time and money.


There must be as many airports as possible next to Northampton, for the city is visited by thousands, or even millions, of tourists, to enjoy the Grand Prix of F1, or, simply, to visit the city and its surroundings. And, in fact, we have the possibility to get to it from over 8 different airports. From Pepecar, always thinking about the needs of our clients, we recommend landing at the airports of Luton, Birmingham, and East Midlands, for they are the closest ones. But, most importantly, because you have several car hire offices, so you can pick up your vehicle by the time you arrive.

London Luton Airport

Taking into account the distance to get to our destination and that the public transport is slower, the best option is to reserve a rental car and take one of the two routes we suggest. The first one will take you through the road M1 in the direction to the north. The trip is about 62 kilometers and the estimated time to arrive is 47 minutes. The second option would be driving through the roads M1 and A428 during 76 kilometers and duration of 1 hour and 6 minutes.

Birmingham Airport

From this airport you will have several options to get to Northampton, taking into account that public transport is not the best option. If you drive through the road A45, you will be able to arrive in less than 55 minutes, for the distance to be covered is approximately 68 kilometers. Driving along the roads M6 and M1, you will get to Northampton in 1 hour, for the trip will be of 75 kilometers. The slowest route will be driving through the roads M6 and A428 during 73 kilometers. In this option, the route will take you up to 1 hour and 2 minutes.

East Midlands Airport

Finally, you have the possibility to access your destination from this airport which is only a few kilometers farther from the city of Northampton as compared to the first two airports. Take the road M1 and you will get to your destination in about 1 hour and 2 minutes. The distance to be covered is about 84 kilometers. Drive through the roads M1 and A428 for 82 kilometers and you will be in Northampton in about 1 hour and 3 minutes. The last option will get you to the road A5 during 97 kilometers and about 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Any trip without the possibility to visit other cities, towns, villages, etc. around your destination is like eating a sandwich without any bread: an incomplete and nonsense experience. That is why, from Pepecar, we recommend you going out to the road and visiting the cities of Leicester and Coventry. How? Enter in our search engine specialized in low-cost rental car and reserve a vehicle that perfectly meets your needs. You can start your trips from the very first moment you pick it up in Northampton!


Leicester is a beautiful city from the United Kingdom at a really small distance from Northampton. To get to it, you have two possible routes. You can take the road M1 or the road A5199. The first option is approximately of 61 kilometers, while the second one is about 50 kilometers. Regarding the estimated time of arrival, it would be about 58 minutes and 1 hour and 4 minutes respectively. Once you arrive in this city, you will be able to enjoy the Science and Technology Museum, Jewry Wall, Leicester Cathedral, Medieval Guildhall, Wygston House, Elizabethan Grammar School, Saint Nicholas Church, Roman Baths, and Belgrave Village.


As a second option on this trip, we would like to present to you the city of Coventry, which is located in the nearby area of Birmingham and at less than 60 kilometers from Northampton. Driving along the M1, you will access your destination in about 49 minutes, as there are only 52 kilometers separating both locations. If you go through the roads M1 and M6, the trip will take you up to 59 kilometers, as you have to cover a distance of 57 kilometers. Here, you can explore places as Allesley Park Walled Garden, Brandon Marsh Nature Center, Caludon Castle and the park with the same name (Caludon Park), Coombe Country Park, Hilltop Garden Center, and War Memorial Park.