Car hire Lucca

Lucca is a wonderful Italian city situated in the province of Lucca, inside the region of Toscana, in Italy. The city has a special charm, as well as many of the cities from its region. It is well known for the extremely good condition of its Walls, built in the 16th century. Lucca is also one of the most prolific and relevant artistic points all over the country. Lucca has become one of the most touristic cities from Toscana, apart from being a highly important industrial center for those who want to open new small or medium size companies.

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This wonderful Italian city was part of a small settlement in the region of Liguria. However, by the time it became part and capital of the Duchy of Lombardy, Lucca changed its location to the region of Toscana. Its importance as a Roman city cannot be avoided, for there are remains all over the city and its nearby areas proving it. In the Middle Ages, Lucca was one of the most important cities in Italy, until the fall of its republic. In the 19th century, this astonishing city was part of the Napoleonic Empire, being established the Principality of Lucca. Currently, and thanks to its impressive artistic, cultural and historic heritage, Lucca has become one of the most visited cities from Toscana.


Do you know which are the most visited and beautiful places in Lucca? Would you like to know the best way not to miss any of them? Reserve your car hire in Lucca and don’t waste your time and money. In this fabulous city you can seem among many other places, locations as Saint Michael Church, Saint Frediano Basilica, Saint Martin Cathedral, Amphitheater Square, Lucca Wall, Pfanner Palace, Museum of Villa Mansi, Micheletti Palace, Napoleon Square, Communal Botanic Garden of Lucca, Saint Justo Church or Villa Bottini.

Once you have seen the whole city, take your rental car and go around the closest cities to Lucca to discover the splendor of Italy. Our most sincere recommendation: don’t miss the wonders of Florence, the beauty of Livorno and, of course, the worldwide known Pisa and its Leaning Tower.


Florence is a beautiful Italian city that welcomes about 9 million tourists per year. Its Uffizi Gallery is among the 20 most visited museums all over the world. Parts of the city have been declared World Heritage Site. So, here you can visit places as spectacular as the Saint Mary of Fiore Cathedral, Uffizi Gallery, Saint Cross Basilica, the David of Michelangelo, Bargello Palace and Boboli Garden.

The distance between Lucca and Florence is about 90 kilometers. With your rental car, take the road A11/E76 and you will reach your destination in less than 1 hour and 10 minutes. Also, you can simply take the SGC Firenze-Pisa-Livorno, though it may take you about 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Livorno is an important part of the country, especially because of its importation and exportation industry with other countries all over Europe. It is known as the New Venice, for many of its streets as similar to those from Venice. In Livorno you have the great privilege to see the New Fortress, the Montenero Sanctuary, Quattro Mori Monuments, the Meloria, the Archaeological Museum of Populonia or the Republic Square.

The distance between Lucca and Livorno is about 50 kilometers. We recommend that you reserve a car hire in Lucca and go through the roads A11/E76 and A12/E80 to reach Livorno. The trip will take you about 45 minutes.


To completely know the splendor of the region of Toscana, you must visit the incredible and incomparable city of Pisa. This city has been one of the major world powers during the Middle Ages. And, of course, it is known for its most famous tower: the Leaning Tower of Pisa. So, if you want to come here, don’t forget to visit the Leaning Tower, the Miracle Square, the Monumental Cementery, the Baptistery, the Cavalieri Square, the Saint Mary della Spina Church or the Cathedral of Pisa.

The distance between Lucca and Pisa is about 20 kilometers. The easiest way to access this city is taking the roads SS12radd and SS12, for, with your rental car, you will reach it in less than 30 minutes.


There are several ways travelers choose to get to the wonderful city of Lucca. From Pepecar, we recommend that, whatever the option you choose, you don’t waste your time and money with the public transportation and reserve a rental car in Pisa Airport, Florence Airport or Bologna Airport.

  • From Pisa Airport: the distance between the Pisa Airport and Lucca is about 35 kilometers. To access your destination, take the roads A12/E80 and A11/E76 and in less than 35 minutes you will have come. Another option could be going through the SS1 Via Aurelia and A11/E76, though it may take you up to 40 minutes.
  • From Florence Airport: the distance between the Florence Airport and Lucca is about 70 kilometers. The easiest and fastest way to get to Lucca is going to the A11, for it won’t take you more than 50 minutes. Or, if you prefer, you can take the SGC Firenze-Pisa-Livorno, even if it takes you 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  • From Bologna Airport: the distance between the Bologna Airport and Lecce is about 155 kilometers. We recommend that you take the roads A1/E35 and A11/E76 in direction to the southeast, as you’ll be in Lucca in less than 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Be the lord and master of your holidays! Reserve a rental car in Lucca and explore its wonders and beauty without any restriction!