Car hire Cefalu (Sicily)

This small city is located in the province of Palermo, in the island of Sicily, and is one of the major touristic attractions in the entire region and island. Cefalu is situated at the northern part of the island and has become one of the favorite destinations both for local and for international travelers. In fact, in Cefalu you can find some of the best hotels from Sicily, apart from the astonishing beaches along its coast. This astounding city is only a few kilometers away from Palermo, so anything you want is either in Cefalu or Palermo.

If you have in mind traveling to Cefalu and you’d like to go around this astonishing city, without a hint of doubt, one of the best options you have is reserving a rental car even before you land in Sicily. Look for the car you’ve always wanted to have in our search engine and rent it in the city of Cefalu.


Some of the most interesting places you can visit in this city are Cefalu Cathedral, Cefalu Museum, Gibilmanna Sanctuary, Diana Temple or Cefalu Rock, as their cultural and historic value is incomparable. Moreover, if you prefer a calmer holidays, without visiting tons of monuments, museums, art galleries, etc., you can enjoy the stunning coast of Cefalu.

It is crucial to understand that, in order to be able to visit each and every place in the city or its beaches, the possibility to rent a car in Cefalu will make you lord and master of your time and your will be done upon anyone’s else.


Have you ever thought about going to a place without knowing what to see or where to go? What about those trips you have to wait for the bus, train or taxi in? Forget about that! Reserve your rental car in Cefalu and look at the small travel guide we show you in the next paragraphs. Don’t waste your time and money unnecessarily. Palermo, Catania and Messina wait for you!


There’s nothing better as to visiting the capital of Sicily. From Cefalu, there’s only a distance of 75 kilometers if you take the road E90. This trip will take you about 1 hour and 10 minutes with a rental car. Some monuments of Palermo have been declared World Heritage Sites. Some others don’t need that distinction as they are, simply, astonishing. So, if you visit Palermo, we recommend the Martorana Church, Massimo Theater, Palermo Cathedral, Saint Cataldo Church or the Botanic Garden of Palermo. And, not only will you enjoy beautiful sights, but also, you will have all kinds of activities and the best gastronomic offer of the island of Sicily.


As the second biggest and most populated city of Sicily, Catania is an incredible place to have a complete view of the wonders of the island. Its history is linked to the Romans, Greeks and Normans. And, the eruptions of the Etna have made the city to redesign its urbanist plan. Take your rental car and pay a visit to Ursine Castle, Catania Cathedral, Elephant Fountain and Palace, Saint Benedetto Monastery and many other impressive places. The best way to access this city is go through the road A19. The distance is about 190 kilometers and the time it’ll take you is about 2 hours and 20 minutes.


Another must-see visit is Messina, which is situated 175 kilometers away from Cefalu. If you want to enjoy both monuments and coast, take your rental car in Cefalu and go through the roads A20 and E90 in direction to the east. The trip won’t take you more than 2 hours and 5 minutes. Once you get to Messina, you will discover why Saint Ignacio of Loyola decided to found its university. Its character, its coast, its people, its food: its fantastic environment makes Messina a great place to stay in for, at least, one day. If you decide to come here, don’t forget to visit the Ganzirri Lagoon, Messina Cathedral, Saint Mary Church, Annunciation Church or Carmen Church, among many other places of enormous wonder and beauty.


Cefalu is a beautiful place we recommend visiting as many times as you can in your whole life. The quality of its hotels, its beaches and its people make the city an utterly special place. Therefore, if you think about coming here, from Pepecar we would like to show you the best way to get to Cefalu from the nearby airports to the city with a rental car.

  • From Palermo Airport: the distance between Palermo Airport and Cefalu is about 105 kilometers. Take the road E90 and in less than 1 hour and 35 minutes you’ll be enjoying your destination.
  • From Trapani Airport: the distance between Trapani Airport and Cefalu is about 190 kilometers. To get to your destination, go through the E90 and in less than 2 hours and 25 minutes you’ll be in Cefalu.
  • From Catania Airport: the distance between the airport and Cefalu is about 185 kilometers and 2 hour and 5 minutes of trip if you take the A19. Another option could be taking the A19 and the SS286, though it’ll take you 3 hours.

Don’t miss this opportunity! With your car hire in Cefalu you can visit one of the most beautiful islands all over the world at the best price ever!