Car hire Cagliari

Cagliari is one of the unquestionable visits if you are going to travel to Sardinia, as it is the capital of the island. It is located in the meridional area of the island and is comprised of 71 municipalities. As it is in the rest of Italy, Cagliari has a really good variety of appetizers made of cold meat, sheep cheese and frattau bread, with tomato, olive oil and parmesan cheese. In the last few decades, Cagliari has become one of the most touristic cities all over the country, apart from being one of the most prosperous capital and the fact that its airport is one of the best all over Europe.

With Pepecar you have a car rental at the best price in a wide variety of destinations in Italy and, most importantly, in Cagliari. One of the best options is to have a rental car if you want to enjoy and explore everything Cagliari and Sardinia have in store for you.


If you want to visit some of the most impressive places in this astonishing Sicilian city of Cagliari, undoubtedly, reserving a rental car is the best option not to miss any of the following places we show you now:

  • Saint Michele Castle: there are only three towers and the wall in perfect condition since the 14th century when they were built. The rest of the castle have been restored in several occasions. Today, it is a really important artistic and cultural center.
  • Roman Amphitheater: one of the most impressive and historic places in Cagliari. It’s impossible not to visit this place if you want to see one of the most beautiful locations in Europe. Today, it is used to make representations, events and concerts.
  • Saint Pancracio Tower: one of the emblems of the city. It is 130 meters tall, which allows the visitor have such wonderful panoramic views.
  • Saint Benedetto Market: the biggest market all over Italy. Here you will find anything you can think of.

Moreover, with your rental car you will be able to visit the whole Sardinian Coast without any restriction in your time or in your desire you visit whatever you want.


You have several ways to access the city of Cagliari. From Pepecar, we recommend you to take the fastest and easiest option: landing in Cagliari Airport. Other options might be Alghero Airport and Olbia Airport. Once in the airport, pick up your rental car, which allows you total freedom.

  • From Cagliari Airport: the distance is about 10 kilometers between both places. Take the road SS131dir in direction to the east and south and in less than 15 minutes you will be there. Some other options might be takin the E25 or the Viale Elmas, as they won’t take you more than 16 minutes.
  • From Alghero Airport: the distance between the airport and Cagliari is about 240 kilometers. If you take your rental car and go through the road E25 in direction to the southeast, you will be at your destination in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • From Olbia Airport: the distance between the airport and Cagliari is about 270 kilometers. Take your car rental in Olbia Airport and go through the SS131 and the E25 and in less than 2 hours and 50 minutes you’ll be enjoying your holidays in Cagliari.


There are many different beautiful places near Cagliari worth visiting. Moreover, it’s really comfortable the possibility to move all over the island without any type of restriction. Reserve your rental car in Cagliari and visit any of the following destination we highly recommend.


It is located at the northeast of Cagliari, about 6 kilometers away. To get to this place, take the Viale Guillermo Marconi and Viale delle Serre. Quartucciu is mostly known for its local homemade products and for its Giant Tomb, where the first settlers of Sardinia buried their dead. Moreover, you have to visit the San Biagio Vescovo Church, the Sant’Efisio Church or the Saint George Martyr Church. Don’t hesitate! Take your rental car and visit Diverland or the Adventure Park of Circensi.


For those who love fauna and nature, Saint Gilla Lagoon is an unquestionable destination. It has more than 4 thousand hectares of water and is, also, one of the migratory birds’ favorite areas. Moreover, there’s no such place as this in terms of the huge amount of flamingos you can find in here. The distance from Cagliari is about 6 kilometers. Take your rental car, go through the SS131dir and in less than 30 minutes you’ll be there.


Known for its Saint Giovanni Chapel and for the Saint Peter Parrish, Assemini is a really important town in terms of craftsmanship. It is located 18 kilometers from Cagliari, about 20 minutes in your rental car if you take the road SS131 in direction to E25/SS131.

If you plan to travel to Cagliari or any other area in Sardinia and you want to have a cheap rental car, utilize our search engine and find the beast deals and services in car rental.