Car hire Bergamo

Bergamo is one of those wonderful cities which seem to have been taken from the depths of a fairy tale. It is located at the north of Italy, in the center of the region of Lombardy, about 60 kilometers northeast from Milan. Its history dates back to the 49 B.C. when it was founded by Attila, in what today is known as the Upper City. This areas was unified through a funicular to the Lower City, the most modern, commercial and residential part of the city. The union of both parts comprise what we know today as Bergamo.

Because of its small size, the city can be visited with a rental car in a few days. So, if you utilize this service of car rental, you will also be able to go, for example, to Milan. Therefore, one of the best alternatives to enjoy Bergamo and the rest of cities which surround it is by reserving a rental car in Bergamo.


You will have a lot of options to get to the astonishing city of Bergamo. Those of you who prefer traveling in low cost airlines, our recommendation is to land in the Bergamo-Orio al Serio Airport. From the airport you have different kinds of transportation to go wherever you want, though the most recommendable one is a car hire as those offered by Pepecar, for you will get to Bergamo in less than 20 minutes. For this reason, take the road SP591 or the SS470.

Another option many travelers choose to get to the beautiful city of Bergamo is from Milan-Linate Airport or from Milan-Malpensa Airport. From the first one, the distance is about 50 kilometers, while from the second one, the distance is approximately 95 kilometers. You will find the general indications to get to your destination below:


  • From Milan-Linate Airport:
    • Take the roads A51 and A4/E64. This route includes toll, though it’s the fastest one. In less than 45 minutes you will be in Bergamo.
    • Go through the A4/E64. It is a little bit slower than the first one and it also includes tolls. This route will take you about 50 minutes.
    • Drive through the A35 and SP591. As the two other options, this route includes some tolls. The estimated time is about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

  • From Milan-Malpensa Airport: the difference from this airport is that you will only have two main options to get to Bergamo with your rental car:
    • Either you go through the A8 and the A4/E64. If you drive through these roads, the trip will take you around 1 hour and 10 minutes. As the majority of the Italian roads, these include tolls.
    • Or you take only the A4/E64. On the other hand, if you prefer taking this road, it will take you about 1 hour and 20 minutes. As the other route, this one includes tolls.


The city of Bergamo is divided into two really well differentiated parts connected by a funicular.  Through this funicular you can go from one part of the city to the other in less than 5 minutes. To know what each part of the city has to offer you, at least, you have to know the following facts:

  • The Upper City is the part which corresponds to the older city, with historic buildings, walls and palaces.
  • The Lower City is the most modern area, almost built in the 20th century, with huge avenues, hundreds of restaurants, bar and shopping malls.

Pepecar offers you the best price to rent a car in Bergamo, which really is a great alternative if you want to discover the whole city. That way, the traveler can visit places full of history and art, as the Piazza Vecchia, the Rastelli Mausoleum, Bergamo Cathedrla, Natural Sciences Museum of Enrico Caffi, the Saint Mary Maggiore Basilica, Colleoni Chapel, Carrara Academy, Venice Walls, Sapienza Palace, Botanical Garden of Bergamo or the beautiful Astino Monastery.

Also, you can take advantage of the rental car and visit Villa de Adda, where you can take a ferry invented by Leonardo da Vinci, a wooden boat of about 60 square meters communicating both banks of Lecco and Bergamo. Undoubtedly, a fantastic idea to enjoy the most natural environment of this wonderful city.



It is located about 24 kilometers away from Bergamo and, without a doubt, it is truly worth getting to this location and contemplating the beauty of this small medieval village. It is also a good option if you want to have a little bit of a relaxing time in your trip, as this town is famous for its warm water with curative properties. To access form Bergamo you have to take the SS470 and you’ll be in San Pellegrino Terme in about 35 minutes thanks to a rental car. If you want, in this wonderful town you can explore and enjoy different casinos, the Saint Nicholas Bridge or the Natural Science Museum of Bremabano.


This town is about 16 kilometers from Bergamo and is considered a real treasure for archaeologists. A self-sufficient manufacturing floor was created and, though it is not working anymore, its functionality is being studied even nowadays. Also, this town is a really picturesque place for tourists. All these without taking into account that the town has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

To get here form Bergamo you should take the road A4 in direction to Milan until you take the exit to Capriati and follow the indications to reach the town with your car hire from Pepecar.


If you wish to discover more in depth the provinces and the region of Lombardy, it is recommendable to have a car hire in Bergamo to ensure a vehicle that will allow you total freedom of movement and that will help you get to some of the most interesting places as the green forests in the Orobiche Alps, the landscapes from Iseo Lake, the number of castles or the walls surrounding the city of Bergamo. With Pepecar you will always have the best prices of rental car.