Visit Dublin with a rental car

Dublin is one of the most exotic places all over the country, apart from being a really modern and historically rich capital. Thanks to the combination of natural locations and the cheerful and bustling character of the city, Dublin has become one of the most visited cities all over Europe throughout the year by thousands of tourists.

It is one of the most interesting destinations to reserve a rental car as those offered by Pepecar, for it is highly advisable to make short trips to nearby localities or to the Irish coast, for Ireland is so much more than Dublin.

We are talking about James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw, or Samuel Beckett; of film legends as Stephen Rea or Michael Gambon; of the birth of Kells Bok, the manuscript of Celt monks of the year 800.

But, apart from all this ocean of culture, Nobel Prize winners and artistic production, Dublin is the headquarters of Guinness, probably the most famous beer all over the world. Therefore, visiting this place is almost compulsory, and its museum a must-visit.

Equally unavoidable might be tasting pints of Guinness in any of the city’s lively Irish pubs and share the table while singing any of the traditional Gaelic songs with Dubliners, as they are really prone to this kind of activities after work.

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Even though you might not need a rental car to make the excursions we are going to suggest you below, the reality is that the fact that reserving a rental car with Pepecar will with you total freedom is crucial to decide whether or not you want to have a car.


This traditional fishing town is located to the north of the Bay of Dublin. Apart from finding a town with small houses and a clear essence of a maritime and fishing town, you can contemplate a lot of remains of the castle and its fortress. To get to Howth from Dublin take the Rd/R105 to N Strand. In about 30 minutes and 15 kilometers, you will be enjoying Howth and everything it has in store for visitors.


These cliffs are located a little bit farther from Dublin. Nevertheless, we recommend the visit, as this place is a real wonder of nature worth spending time in.

It is at a distance of 298 kilometers, so the trip will take you about 3 hours by car. To access this place, take the road M7 to Limerick/Cork/Waterford/M8/M9. Then, continue through the E20 and N18 to Galway/N18/Ennis. Finally, take the exit N85 to Ennis/Ennistymon/Port.

It is an excursion you can make in a few days to combine it with some of the localities you will find in this area. So, think about it, as the sights of the west of Ireland are worth visiting.


This is one of the most recurrent excursions in case you visit Ireland, as Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. It is located at a distance of about 165 kilometers, which means that in 2 hours with your rental car through the roads A1 and M1 you will be enjoying Belfast.

Without a doubt, going for a walk all over the old part of the city will help you discover the religious and political harassment suffered some decades ago.