Car hire Genova

From its origins, Genova is linked to its port and to each and every activity related to the sea. Genova is located in the west coast of Italy, more specifically in the region of Liguria. The writer and humanist Petrarch defined the city as “pride for its people and its walls”. The city of Genova has always been an important meeting point of different civilizations due to its huge land and sea ports entry, making it one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

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Founded by the Greeks and the Etruscans, Genova was destroyed by Carthaginians in the 3rd century B.C., and restored by the Romans in the next century. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the city became part of different societies, Byzantines and Lombardi, though its maritime ports never decreased its relevance. At the beginning of the 11th century, the Republic of Genova was created, which, with the Republic of Venice, became one of the four most important maritime republics in Italy. Its importance declined until Napoleon Bonaparte conquered the city and annexed it to Sardinia in 1815.

It is believed that Genova is the birthplace of the famous conqueror Christopher Columbus. His house is located at the very center of the city and is one of the very interesting visits you can have in Genova. Among the most important places, these are the ones which stand out the most: the Old Port, Genova Aquarium (the biggest in Europe), Saint Lawrence Cathedral, Soprana Gate, the Biosfera, the historic center and the palaces of Saint Giorgio, Ducal and Prince’s.

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The Genova International Airport is just 10 kilometers from the center of the city of Genova. It is a truly small airport, though it has each and every single airport service you need and there you will find the service of car rental in the Genova Airport. You will be able to enjoy your rental vehicle since the very first moment you land in the airport.

Those who decide to go to the center of Genova with a rent a car service from the airport will have two main options: taking the SS1 Via Aurelia or taking the SS1 Via Aurelia and, then, taking the A10/E25/E80, which include tolls. It will take you about 20 minutes from the airport.

Travelers who decide to rent a car in Genova will not have any problem to drive all over the city and, moreover, will find a wide variety of parking lots.


The gastronomy from Genova, also known as Ligure cuisine, is very rich in vegetables and spices. The two most known specialties are Pesto and Focaccia. In Genova, the Pesto is an authentic dish prepared with basil from Genova from Pra, cheese, garlic, pine nuts, oil and salt.

Genova cuisine is also known for its stuffed pasta (the traditional ravioli or pansotti) or its sea specialties (buridda, caponada or ciuppin). All these dishes are usually accompanied by magnificent wines from the region of Liguria.





La Spezia, located in the region of Liguria, is situated only 100 kilometers from Genova. The La Spezia Gulf is one of the most beautiful areas from the Italian Riviera, which offers travelers astonishing natural landscapes with hills, beaches and small romantic coves. Among its monuments, the most important ones are the Saint George Castle and Christ King Cathedral.

From Genova you will have two options to get to La Spezia. The first option is taking the A12/E80, which includes tolls, and, the second option is taking the SS1 Via Aurelia, though it will add 1hour more to the trip.


Alessandria is located on the bank of the Tanaro River, in the region of Piedmont. It is an area full of hills, valleys and large vineyards. The most touristic places in Alessandria are: Red Palace, Alessandria Cathedral and the citadel.

The distance between Genova and Alessandria is about 85 kilometers. The route to follow from Genova with your rental car to get to Alessandria will take you about 1 hour if you take the E25, which includes tolls. In case you take the SP160, it will take you almost 2 hours.