The ‘Fuel Policy’ is a requirement imposed by car rental providers on the amount of fuel a vehicle has. We recommend you to read through the Terms and Conditions, as every provider has their own. You can pick and return it either ‘full’ or ‘empty’.

In case of selecting the ‘pick up full, drop off full’ policy, if the vehicle isn’t returned with its deposit filled, the provider is entitled to charge you the additional expenses that correspond to the complete filling of the fuel tank.

If you choose the ‘pick up empty, drop off empty’ policy instead, the tank’s price may vary depending on your vehicle’s capacity and the petrol and diesel market prices at the time. Fuel tank price includes the refuelling service cost.

If you hire your car for less than 3 days, you may be refunded for the proportional part of unused fuel. In these cases, it’s also possible to pick up and return your vehicle full.