EU drivers:

Driving licenses issued in any EU country according to the European rules will be valid in Spain, in any conditions they might have been issued in their home country, excepting cases in which the minimum driving age doesn’t correspond to that in Spain.

Non-EU drivers:

An International Driving Permit (IDP) is required to drive in non-EU countries without unilateral agreements with the country issuing the National Driving Permit. Nevertheless, the following driving licenses remain valid in Spain:

1. Those from other countries issued in conformity with Annex 9 to the Geneva Convention, or Annex 6 to the Vienna Convention, or models different to those only in non-essential seals or signatures.

2. Those from other countries written in Spanish, or accompanied by an official translation into this language.

3. International permits issued abroad in conformity with Annex 10 to the Geneva Convention or Annex E model to the International Paris Convention –in case of countries subject to this Convention which have not adhered to that of Geneva.

4. Those accepted in other international conventions of which Spain is part and in the conditions stipulated in them.